Autumn Panorama

by Marriott Len

autumn panorama seeking critique marriott len

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Published: Thursday 2nd of December 2004 08:45:46 PM


Jeff Davidson
Ahhhh... fall is in the air Len, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my photo. Zippy has not retired. She is just waiting for the right moment to be captured by the lens! All the best.

Len Marriott
A re-post called for? Michael, Being influenced by Doug Burgess can't be too harmful:). I taped two 4x6 prints together and then scanned them on an entry level flatbed. Then I had to tweak the result in PS. I think I could do better in spite of the limitations of my bargain basement equipment. Perhaps I'll try again & re-post. Thanks for your input. Best, LM.

Michael Chang
Hi Len, the small size and compression on PN just isn't doing this picture justice. I don't know how your original scan appears, but thought it might be more striking as a high contrast B/W. Then again, it may well be that I've been influenced by Doug Burgess. ;-)

Len Marriott
Astute Observation ! Darren, Probably due to the fact that I rotated the tripod head to take the second photo but neglected to ensure the tripod was perfectly level for both shots. Keen observation! Thanks for taking the time. Best, LM.

Greg McCracken
Great idea to do a pano in this spot, Len! I really like the foggy distance behind the trees and the colours of the leaves.I took about 6 shots here to combine into a pano but I messed one of the central ones up, so I only have about three shots to teh right to stitch together. I'll post it for your perusal after I get it together. I spent most of the weekend tryng to burn 70 Gb of digital photos to my new DVD burner. It's gonna take a while, I have about 35,000 images to back up. Most of them aren't worth keeping but, oh well, it takes too long to decide.

Darren Green
Kind of makes me feel like im about to topple over to the right.

Greg McCracken
My Attempt Hi Len, Here's my effort at the same scene.

Greg McCracken
Big woods. The trees are very large in that particular forest. Len was at the bottom of a fairly high hill from me and I think that's what makes him look so small.

Landrum Kelly
Len, this is very nice country, as shown in your bio shot as well. I lived in Akron as a kid, and we had a few big hills around the essentially flat city. I guess that it was glacier moraine country, and I presume the same here. Yes, the scan could be more crisp, but it is still very nice.

Len Marriott
Three feet tall? Ken, Three feet in diameter perhaps :( Best, LM.

Ken Williams ...
Lenster - your bio pic - those must be some big woods buddy cause they make you look about 3 feet tall .......... like a wood nymph down there ! ........ knew a wood nymph once - but only one - )-; Lenprechauns .. !!

Alec Ee
6/6 Len, although I give this a 6/6 your biodata photo deserves a 7/7 for highlighting so much of the fall colors. Keep 'em coming.

Ken Williams ...
Greg I agree! - and it creates quite an optical illusion don't you think ? - cool ... Len, Lyn, Linn, Lynn (eLC) - if you are referring to your heart - then I agree ....... (-; post the shot here so others can see what we're talking about - jaaaa ..

Pnina Evental
Len,I scored that one which is not bad, but I ment your bio one(it was nice to see that Alec thinks so as well..)I think that it is realy a very good capture, why don't you upload it from your bio to your collection of images?I think its worth doing. Happy holidays and new year to you and your family. Pnina

Len Marriott
Credit for bio photo goes to Greg ! Pnina, The credit for my bio photo goes to Greg McCracken, who took it. It was tough to get a poor shot at this location but I managed to:) Thanks for visiting. Best, LM.

Len Marriott
Lannie, better results in Greg's folder! Lannie, Greg McCracken's version trumps mine. Go vist his folder to see what I mean. We were standing practically shoulder to shoulder at this location but he chose (wisely, it would seem) to shoot more to the left of this one. Best, LM.

Len Marriott
Grunt Calling??? Leann, Apparently not as well as you do if the deer in your portfolio were enticed to the fore that way. :) I cough & wheeze & gasp a lot when on a hilly trail, but grunt? Haven't tried that yet. In the bag of tricks for my next field trip though! Stay tuned! Best, LM.

Leann Greene
Len Holy Moly... there has to be a merit bedded down in there somewhere.. I'd bet on it! Can you do a convincing grunt call?

Len Marriott
Nauseating? Chris, Thanks for taking the time. I intend to return here next year as the location offers many unexplored possibilities. I may remove this post as it seems to make some viewers nauseous. Land lubbers, I suspect:) Best, LM.

Chris Maryan
A nice picture. I like the colours you captured, not only the yellows, but the subtle blues of the background sky. The skewed trees are a little distracting and I would suggest either rotating or skewing in photoshop to straighten things out a bit. Cheers, Chris

Greg McCracken
Straightened Hi Len, I wouldn't be so quick to pull it. Try using the Edit, Transform, Distort feature in PS, then pull the bottom right corner out a bit and crop it. Here is the result...

Len Marriott
Techno Man! Greg, Geeze, that's incredible! I tried it & it works! You da man! Best, LM.

Greg McCracken
Great, Len, I'm glad you liked it!

Len Marriott
Masterpiece, next time perhaps ! Meriwether, Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to spring for sure but I've got mid October booked to return to this spot. Hopefully, now armed with a bit of knowledge of this location, I can be more deliberate and perhaps more successful in my photographic pursuits. Best,LM.

Watermark of Merni
Wonderful composition and such a lovely subject! I hope you will have one soon of a Spring Panorama.

Len Marriott
Autumn Panorama This is a re-submit, the original having too many artifacts. Your opinions and comments are much valued, your ratings less so. I made the posting larger, increased the saturation about 25% and sharpened as much as I dared. Thanks to Michael for his observations & suggestions. Best, LM.

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