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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 1st of December 2004 10:00:11 PM


John Peri
... stood on the table ... good to vary the perspective a bit sometimes.

David McCracken
In all this time! In all this time I never realised you were so tall. I like this picture too. It may even be worth trying from an even higher vantage point. Hitchcock would approve!

Brian Chase
I really like the warm color of this and how the wood, the sofa, and her dress complement the color of her skin and hair. She's definitely photogenic! Quite lovely actually. I'd also like to see one like this with her looking into the camera. And... I've started running into the same thing though with some of the women I'm having pose for me. A lot of them don't see themselves as being attractive. I don't understand it!

John Peri
Funny, people often complain about the shoes, especially in a nude shot. There are two reasons why I often encourage the girls to leave them on. The first is that strangely enough they feel less nude when they wear them, and I'm serious about that, also that girls often like to appear longer and leaner. The second is that the shoes can also serve to distract slightly from the nudity.

Bill Rogers
She's photogenic! Wow! Is she ever photogenic! Love the shoes in this pose. Bill

Naveen N
John, where in the world do you get models sooo beautiful!!!

Jim Swenson
Very photogenic, and attractive as well.

John Peri
I'm at first tempted to say that this is not about the models, but then maybe I am wrong, because it is all very largey dependent on the relationship established with each subject. I met this young lady in a restaurant. Our photos were taken soon after without really knowing each other at all. As a result, they are filled with tension and probably, you are right .. it has to do with the model. Funny that you landed on this relatively old picture. I have just yesterday re-established contact with her.

John Peri
Glamour cont .. I had to convince her that she would be photogenic ..

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