Force of excitation.

by Amelkovich Igor

force of excitation nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 30th of November 2004 12:53:28 PM


Marco Giardini
i look almost weekly at your pictures. But i think that now you need to change the studio and the background or the risk to be ripetitive is too high! But you still have the best models on the web!

Serge Goetzinger
This photo is just great as the rest of your nude and erotic pictures. Excellent posing, good composition and good lighning.

Angel Pena
I respectfully disagree with the above comment. Posing a model is an art by itself. Igor models certainly have their merits, but I'm sure they don't arrive to the studio with the slightest idea of how the whole process of photography is. In Igor's photos there's a creative process too complicated for the untrained eye. Congratulations Igor.

Riley Goddard
Stunning.....her fist gripping the material just makes it have the perfect tension.

Michael Börm
WOW. Still great.

Igor Amelkovich
Force of excitation. Studio

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