Kh 11

by Peri John

kh nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Monday 29th of November 2004 11:11:51 PM


W J Gibson
a thought, well, maybe a thought, but I can see just the eyelashes of the lady's right eye...seems like either show just one eye, as in pure profile, or both, but perhaps not the tiny bit of eyelash as here. You know I admire your work. this seems mostly an uncomfortable pose. could be my grey November attitude from Canada. : )

John Peri
Fair enough everyone. Thank you, I appreciate your comments and feedback. Admittedly, sometimes I may like the tension that is evoked by a photo, but I agree, maybe this one looks more relaxed and better suited to the setting.

Alton Earle
John, I do like the second one better, but I love the fabric draped over her in the first one...

Thomas Collins
John, Yada-yada-yada on the tense position of the first photo, but the second image is great. And I like that her mid-drift is uncovered because she had a spectacular stomach. No need to hide anything there. Thumbs up!

David McCracken
Back Again John, The 2nd shot is truly wonderful. I think it deserves to be a 'stand alone' image.

Michael Sebastian
call 911... Love your work--your models, and your renditions of them, are stunning--but this poor lady looks like she was thrown down the stairs, balanced precariously on the edge of the step with broken neck. Your other shots of Kh....purrrrr. I envy your talent. Regards, Mike

Duncan Edwards
John, I am a long time admirer of your work, but I now have to comment - where are the shoes? You recently said it was a requirement! Nevertheless both are great pictures as usual, keep up the good work, it is an inspiration to the rest of us.

David McCracken
I am with Alton! John, I like the 2nd one too. In the main photo the model looks as though she has slipped, bumped her head and is now rubbing it. Honest! I am not fooling around this time... it really is what I see.

John Peri
Bill .. ! Did someone say that my model looked tense ... !!

Bill Rogers
Uncomfortable Hi, John. My first impression, also, was "she looks really uncomfortable in this pose." The second pose is much better. In my opinion. Bill

fred moore
can i get a copy excellent

Grayham Allott
Hi John.............

Love your sense of humour throughout the whole thread. Your work is outstanding, and I admire your attitude towards your critics.

Great captures..... all three.

Well done to you both


John Peri
Reclining Nude Nude study ..

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