Kr 7

by Peri John

kr nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 28th of November 2004 12:30:28 AM


John Peri
Thanks Marco ... shame about Bagdhadis by the way !

John Peri
Thank you Jon. Actually, I have attempted to create a whole series in this manner with diferent models. I find that these photos are at the same time both very personal and impersonal, which may add to their interest.

Jon Bevan-Pritchard
John, like many others I really enjoy your work. I have to say this is my favourite of all your photos presented here on this site. I'm going to have to find myself a couch just like it :-) JBP

Mc four
mcfour Very beautiful the light on the skin... and the shot from the tall one... excellent.. compliments.

Don Miller
Extremely sensual, beautifully lit. The details, like streaks in her hair, are caught well. I find the glass distracting, though; without it, you'd have a stark contrast between straight lines and curves. Nice job.

John Peri
Thanks Pedro. This is one of the poses that I show a young lady when I first meet her, and several of them want to try it. I guess they find it discreet and at the same time rather flattering.

John Keiffer
Looks weird to have PS'ed the couch out, I think it looks better in the other shots. Also, it looks like their crotches are PS'ed out too, because the light looks un-natural. If this is true, is it because you don't want to post something that shows too much here? Why not move the model so that her private area cannot be seen?

John Peri
John, I appreciate your remarks thank you, but it's hard to answer. It's really a question of taste. For me, this is a study in perspective and form. If it was a true to life situation, the couch would be there in all it's glory, colour and all. As for the continuation of the shadow of the thigh, I perceive no problem with that. I have accentuated the tone of the shadow in areas, not added any. Surely in this case it is understandable.

Thomas Linn
Beautifully done...not a windmill...but great work none the less. 6/6

Evgeniy Shaman
wow! very moody

Markos George Hionos
John i love this photo-mono tones compo !!great.

John Peri
Nude on couch cont .. Another young lady on the same couch ...

Always great, John !

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