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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 25th of November 2004 08:34:11 PM


M. Korach
Profs photo work ! regards //Mujo

M. Korach
Nice Profs photo work ! Regards //Mujo

John Peri
Come on now, really Pat! Is the model recognisable in this photo?! That's the whole point of why I posted this picture without the face showing. Anyway, we have discussed the matter already, but I want it done officially before I show any more. I have photographed several girls that do not want their photos published, and they do not appear in these pages. Pat, there is no "secret". I met this wonderful young lady in a coffee bar. I told her I would love her to pose for me. I took an appointment with her once to show her some photos (we drank orange juice!) - she agreed and we fixed a date. I think that people sometimes are too shy to ask the question, thinking that the other party may be offended. I guess you do need a minimum of courage, as it's not always easy, but what is most important of all is to be very courteous and bring your message across respectfully. An intelligent young woman will always know if you are sincere or not. Oh by the way. I always include nudes in the albums that I show, maybe that is taken also a sign of frankness, the model knows what to expect and will tell you immediately what she thinks. Often they say no way ... very often they change their minds while in session. Well, this is what works for me, but we are all different in our approach.

Jim Hayes
John As always good work. I do hope that someday you get one of your wonderful "friends" to take a shot of you sitting on these steps. You could post it in the bio section in B&W because we novices would see it with a green tint, as in envy.(meant in a good way)Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. JH

John Peri
Thanks everyone! I agree that the fading is a exagerated, but well ... one day I'll learn something about photoshop too! People keep telling me how to do things and it sounds so easy, but when I try it I'm hopeless. Jim, ha .. I have frequently post a picture of myself and removed it shortly after .. who on earth can be interested in looking at me!

Pat Merz
Not a critique, just a question. How can you upload this image for us to see if you are still awaiting the publication release? Am I missing something here? Oh... and is there a secret to asking the ladies to pose for nude shots, or ist it just "go there and ask them" ... ? :-)

David McCracken
Don't learn PS!!! John, I didn't comment on this photo earlier simply because I didn't like the PS effect. I can't imagine for a minute that you find these healthy young girls so boring that you have to manipulate the pictures with PS. Please don't learn anything about it.

Thomas Collins
John, while all of us over here in the states were gorging ourselves on turkey and ham for Thanksgiving, were you taking pictures of your models? Or did you have a feast and invite all of your model friends? Now that would be a picture worth a thousand words! Thanks for this "teaser" image above. Wets the appetite. My oh my, I think I'm going to have to volunteer to come over and teach you some intermediate PS skills. Of course David will do his best to prevent this! ;-)

John Peri
I don't manipulate the young ladies. I manipulate the furniture!

7/7 Fantastic!!!!

John Peri
My new model A wonderful young lady I met two weeks ago. Waiting for her to sign a publication release form, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday .....

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