Portrait of young girl.

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of November 2004 03:43:03 PM


Umair Ghani
7/ 7 exceptional quality. this is artistic portraiture. marvellous control of light. rich in feeling. textures & tones perfect.

Very good. 6/5. Ciao.

Davide Tizzoni

Igor Amelkovich

Tony Georgiadis
Tones, Model, sharpness, execution all blend together to make this a great portrait.CONGRATULATIONS.

Jan Emil Christiansen
I like it ;-)

Shawn Hooper
Great Shot!! Excellent lighting and model is very excellent as well!!

Wilhelmina de Haas-Keane
Igor -- you are a master and I am delighted to see a non-nude for once. I would love to see more of this type of work! BRAVO!

Ig [M]

manuela soitu
I like the air around her like she's there 'couse U can see her and than again...not quite. That's what I like about the twilight efect

Gérard Laurenceau
Vraiment superbe !!!

John Keiffer
I miss her freckles! I like them better in the other shot (which is my favorite)...

Very lovely shot and delicious model. continue in this way.

7/7 Excellent!!!!!!

Igor Laptev

Rajeev Thomas
Yes that's the word for this one....SUPERIOR!!! 7/7!!

Adam Paine
I love this shot!! You really have a great understanding of lighting! Beautiful model too!

Brad Kim
Excellent job Igor as always....

Frank Sturm
Well done! This is a superp shot. Nice model, very moody athmosphere and the tones are great. The composition is nice too! I like it.

Fun Factory
7/6 !

Alon Brik
...and good looking one I may add! Nice texture and light!

Gold Fish
7\7 wonderful shot + good pose ..simply great "i like to see more of these shots "better than nudes"

Lissa Hatcher
WOW She is stunning...what a great modle nice lighting as well...your the master :)

John Campbell
Wow... Beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl.

manos xilouris
Excellent as always

Perry Tourtellotte
Atlechna! Igor 5/5 (Russki system)= 7/7 Photonet system; lighting, detail, mood and final execution all great! keep up the good work!


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I really love the image, the tones, the detail, the lighting is perfect. I have a question. Did you take this with the model leaning forward or is this rotated in the frame, or did you rotate the camera. I like the diagonal you have created with the model, she looks very natural in her stance, so I am guessing you rotated the camera. Very nice creative choice.

Hector Brandan
Excellent!!! Excellent Igor, greetings, Hector...

Steve J Murray
Wow, this is one of your better one's. Great lighting and pose.

Erlend Mørk
Beatiful girl - excellent photographer - beatiful photo

nathan g
Superior 7/7

Kim Slonaker
Great portrait - sharp and so detailed, with pleasing lighting. I like the angle of her pose making a diagonal through the center of the frame.

Ali Najm
bad luck what ever i'm going to say is nothing infront of your photos yes BAD LUCK not to have alittle of your professional style in photography but hope some day to be aphotographer like you sorry i can't give you any number for A&O but i will write A/7 & O/7 cause it must be 20/20

Thorsten Jankowski
great portrait. good grey-conversion today i came back and i find it stunning! if i can give a 7/7 i will do it. would be nicht if you check my images, too.

Kevin saunders
Beautiful model, excellent level of tone, nice composition

Clive Mealey
This is a gorgeous portrait. __ CJ.

Jan Peter
7/7 Still excellent!

Szymon Gdowicz

Igor Amelkovich
Processed in FX-11, scaned on Nikon 8000-ED.

Russ Rosener
That is a beautiful portrait of a lovely woman. It could use a bit of burning-in to bring down the highlights on her nose. I noticed you posted this to the B&W forum over at APUG. Why not post it on the B&W Film forum here at Photo.net? A lot of photo.netters have questions about this film.

Pablo Coronel
Excellent job! Excellent lighting and composition. Could you comment on how you processed th efilm and how you printed/scanned it?

Igor Amelkovich
Where I have sent? On what forum?

Pietro Ferrante
this is perfect

Boris Pale
Beautiful model. I like the raw and natural look on this one. Good use of the 6x6 format

Igor Amelkovich
I don`t use filters in studio, but on nature i use red filter.

dan fein
Question I enjoy your work, it very good technically, and your content is beautifull. I wanted to ask if you use filters when shooting people with b/w film ?

Dale Barnes
you have an amazing eye for detail and capturing natural beauty with your shots

Mr G.Q
fantastic which illumination? which film? I/you/they are admired you are one great

Igor Amelkovich
Fomapan 100. Soft 1x1 meter. More at http://www.amelkovich.com/articles/24

Igor Amelkovich
Thanx all!!!

David Fink
Super portrait.

Siamak Jafari
dear igor an excellent B & W portrait. 7/7 regards-siamak

Jeny Plante
7/7 One of the best I have seen.

Tom Sheridan
A Classic ... ... that simple.

Gabor Hertelendy
Just beautiful! 7/7 regards, gh

Szabolcs Nemeth
simply Beautifull!!

Animesh Ray
Awesome! I can hardly add more to what has been said already. Wonderful work.

Adrian Ciorba
beautiful shot

Dolf Walter

Raymond Borg
Very nice protrait. Well done.

Jean-Michel Cabanis
Beautiful shot, wonderful tones!

Etay Appelberg

Beautiful shot

Igor Amelkovich
Portrait of young girl. Portrait of young girl.

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