Middle Earth - The Ocean

by Schreiber Radim

middle earth the ocean seeking critique schreiber radim

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Category: Landscape

Published: Tuesday 23rd of November 2004 04:10:35 AM


Chris Conrad
Groovy. cc

Lee McLaughlin
Gorgeous and stunning. Makes me wonder why, as a California native, I can't see my own country this well. Goes to prove fresh eyes see best. Very sweet image. Thanks for sharing. 7/7

Andrew Forrest
assuming you used a ND grad here - looks a bit unearthly to me with the sky being a bit too dark to seem natural (if i'm wrong please excuse me). however, despite that i do enjoy the mood and sense of gloom that this image holds.

Per Lissel
I like the mood in the picture 6/6.

Osvaldo Carbuccia
A Masterpiece Beautiful moment and light. Nice use of long exposure and DOF. Maybe you can ajust the color balance in the foreground (not sky and clouds) to make it less bluish and more natural.

Radim Schreiber
Any comments are welcome Taken in California

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