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by Peri John

yve nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 20th of November 2004 11:14:45 PM


John Peri
Rick, it elongates the body and somehow "dresses" the model. I am suprised sometimes about how some models will insist on leaving a chain on or something else on which distracts from their nudity.

Al Li
Wow, this is a signature John Peri creation. Smooth and soft as silk. Beautiful even lighting on a stunning model.

Thomas Collins
John, I'm curious as to what style you are referring to as going back full circle to? If I had to guess it would be the raised level of sexuality. Personally, I love it and I think you pulled it off well here without going over the edge. I know you share a lot of your photos with your models. How does "Yve" react to this? My guess is that she also feels that it is very complementary to her figure.

Bob Kurt
A nice work.

John Peri
Alex, thanks. Thomas, I will make an exception and give a reply to a very personal question, because I was very touched by what she told me. When she saw the photos last week she said, "thank you John, you just don't know what you have done for my self confidence". I took that as a real compliment. I didn't ask her to sign a release form, she asked. As for the full circle, I did a lot of photos of this kind a couple of years ago, several are in the file I have posted, some of them with the leopard pattern blanket .... it is something that I find really brings out the forms of the model and I put many of them through this before moving on to something else. From the photographic perspective, the only thing is that all the photos end up looking very similar.

Thomas Collins
John, thank you for your explanation. You put me right there on the spot and in your shoes. Thanks!

Rick Owens
What is it about... ...naked women with shoes on? This is not a negative comment about this photo, just a question in general. It has always looked so unnatural to me.

Milos Mashed
Wonderful it is a fantastic taking

Nicolas Sora-Do
Maybe you could take advantage of the flooring just by rotating / cropping this great shot 15 degrees left, just a quick thought, i especially like the lightening here.

Excellent at all!!!!!

Alton Earle
I love the shot, the pose...and, the shoes. I do agree that I might like it rotated because of the floorboards, but that's just me.

John Peri
Interesting comments Joe, thank you. Is it that all my postings are just a litle flat? Maybe it's a visual preference for the subject matter? I am afraid that I am not proficient enough on the technical side to answer. The floor boards .. hadn't noticed. You are right. I could also extend the part above?

John Peri
Thank you very much Sandeha, I'll look into it.

Hilary Allen
wow i love the tones of this photo...simply gorgeous and extremely comforting.

Bill Gregg
the shoes distract from the photo

John Peri
Thanks again Joe. It's the bottom range until 04 that look the same. I'll have to do something about that!

Sandeha Lynch
John, if you're on Windows and you have PS installed then you should find "Adobe Gamma" in your Control Panel. Go into that, and it should set up a proper profile as a baseline (which you can then save as an Adobe profile) - this is better than just tweaking the monitor knobs.

John Peri
No Joe, I can only see 4 to 15 !! What am I doing wrong?! If that's out, no wonder everything I do is out too! Regarding the diagonals, by "above", what I really meant is to extend the floor boards that are straight. Though the figure on the bed is of course meant to show diagonals, the boards that change direction at the bottom may indeed distract. Again, thank you for these very useful comments.

Guillermo Labarca
My suggestion

John Peri
Thanks Guillermo. I like the pose inclined like that but without the floor boards I feel that the picture may lose some of it's impact. But that was interesting. Thank you.

John Peri
Thanks Alton. The play in angles and curves is definitely at the forefront of my intentions here. I'll be posting a new one in colour soon (Kh 20). I hope you will let me know what you think - different model, but same idea ...

Alton Earle
John, I am revisiting this shot again, and I retract the comment about rotating it, I like it the way it is (and I also like Gullermo's interpretation). Odd how looking at the same shot twice brings out different opinions in my (consistent? never, its against my religion). Nix the above comment, file it in the circular file, etc. I hadn't viewed it as a study in diagonals, and when I see it that way, it is poifect :-).

Chris Minor
A nude woman in Pumps, where have I seen this before?

John Peri
Nude on couch in black and white I seem to have gone full circle. This is the stuff I was doing a couple of years ago ....... maybe it's the model that inspired me to try in once again ...

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