Celestial/terrestrial (Lunar eclipse)

I set out to take an environmental photo of the lunar eclipse, and I think I did OK. What do you think?

by Vejerslev Mathias

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Published: Saturday 20th of November 2004 06:50:07 AM


Mathias Vejerslev
Thank you for your critique, yes this is one shot, unmanipulated.

Lee McLaughlin
I'm not sure if this all was shot at once, but, it dosen'tmatter in the final measure of impact. GREAT shot! I especially am drawn to images with people, or even hints of people in them. No easy task. The only issue might be to enhance the contrast and satguration a bit. But that is just me. Cheers for you. 7/7/

Don Miller
Beautiful. I agree, having a person in it helps a great deal. The planet in the corner is the cherry on top. Brilliantly framed, exceptionally exposed.

Mathias Vejerslev
Thanks Don, At first, I had trekked to a scouted location with a ferris wheel and arab domes in the foreground(!), but it turned out I had miscalculated the moon angle or I was just unlucky with the clouds, because when I got there, I couldn't see the moon. So I went back to my flat, and shot this from my balcony instead..

Mathias Vejerslev
Celestial/Terrestrial Lunar Eclipse. As shot (unmanipulated). Critique?

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