Bomb girl.

by Amelkovich Igor

bomb girl nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 19th of November 2004 03:45:07 PM


Luis Dias
Great foto, the hidden face makes it more mystirious...(sorry about my english)

Christopher Appoldt
In my opinion, the hiding of the face focuses the viewer more on the structure and form of the bodies (and in your models' cases, this is not at all a bad thing), the shapes, textures, and shadow play. . .I suspect it's deliberate, and think it really works. That just a SLIVER of her face is shown here make the viewing even more enigmatic, and I think it's fantastic. Excellent.

Vincent Vanbiervliet
Just wondering... ...why is it that most, if not all, of your models hide their face? Is that because they don't want their face to be seen, or is it because you want it this way?

Other than that, of course, your photos are amazing, as alway.

mondiani .
She didn't have her face hidden each time: I may be wrong but I think it is the same model here and there

Bilal Zaheer
she's perfect. personally I would have preferred face covered half instead of 3/4, but I guess its adding a little bit of mystery. did i mention the model is perfect? i think the toe thing does enhance the form a bit

roger michel
please explain the toe thing. your technical skill is very high, but these on-toe poses seem so awkward.

Thomas Collins
Blow herself up?!! Nyet!! We would miss her all too much. :-) Wonderful images as usual!

John Keiffer
I agree with Mondiani. I think that this is my favorite picture of all... wow

John Orr hero! Igor, does it again and again and again and again.....stellar images.

Jeferson Mayer
Roger Michel wrote: "please explain the toe thing. your technical skill is very high, but these on-toe poses seem so awkward." There's nothing wrong about the model's feet position. It's an elegant and beautiful 'touch'.

Billy - B. V.
Very Cool !!

Giorgio Gruizza
Perfect !!!

jamie turnbull
pointed toes I belive by pointing the toes her calf muscles are inhansed, like high heels. beautiful work.

William Garrett
Pointed toes The pointed toes not only enhance the calf muscles as mentioned above, it subtly enhances most of the musculature of the body. Most notably from the buttocks down.

Igor Amelkovich
Bomb girl. Ready to blow up.

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