Grandmothers sofa # 09

by Amelkovich Igor

grandmothers sofa nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 18th of November 2004 12:30:31 PM


Piotr Sosin
Original! Great caption too! 6/7

roger michel
wonderful abstract. feet are a distraction. needed to go 10% further toward abstraction in my view. nice work!!

Peter Gargiulo
This is great...looks very abstract in a way. Almost seems like a perfect mirror image (left and right).

Waldemar Nelos
Odd! You have managed to tranfer the shape of the couch onto the female body. Nice!

David McCracken
Oh dear! Seems like somewhere to park a bike.

Dima Oukhov
XXX ... )))

Thomas Semesky
I like how the legs form an upside down "v" Placing the body in the center and the arms parallel to the top of the sofa also is interesting.

Bora Benic
Amel,very nice.Bora Benic

David James
Too much wall I love the triangles, which repeat everywhere in the photo (6/6), but not enough with the model, perhaps more like this ?

rob malkin
do you shoot for some magazines we might know off? i would really like to know if you do more glamour work then we can see on this site

Justin Orr
very nice.

Victor Tzen
wow, i usually skip over these but this one is great! love the texture of the wall in contrast with the couch and her skin. beautiful lighting. excellent work

Peter Gargiulo
No, I prefer original. TOO close of a crop! She needs room to breathe!

Justin Orr
that last comment was too the critique 2 above...^^

Chris Minor
Kinda dark in areas...could have used some fill.

shawn hagedon
perfect position

Gordon Holman
Hows this one ?

Gordon Holman
Here ?

Igor Amelkovich
Grandmothers sofa # 09 ...

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