"A Fragile Road"

by Tsoi Wilson

a fragile road seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 18th of November 2004 03:40:26 AM


Wilson Tsoi
My apology to the viewers...here are the originals.

Wilson Tsoi
...and then this shot from Bangkok.

Dick Yowell
It's and eye-catcher but I can't figure out what it is.

Rouslan Tiourine
Very nice done. Really very nice and original. You know 7 and 7 :). Always watching your works with the great interest.

Howard Dion
Great digital alteration. Having fun with photography are we? I was wondering if the streets were paved with glass in Bangkok? Nicely done. HJD

Andrew Gourlay
"Fragile Road" I like it alot. The reflections of the front of vehicles in the road is a nice touch. Well done. 7/7

mondiani .
excellent idea and realisation, especially the reflexion of the people !


Mondiani party event photographer

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- A superior job! I particularly like the shadow work, especially in the area that looks like a hole in the blocks. Wonderful PS work!

Allon Kira
7/7 Hi Wilson, this is just perfect!!! so surreal and so aesthetic. I've never thought that traffic jam could be so fascinating - you did it great with lots of talent and originality. Cheers, allon.

Gabriella Lucia
A nice 300th to state creativity.

Scott Jenkins

Henri Manguy
Very nice manipulation. Very well done!

Jose Luis Aranda
Wilson, I tend not to favour much digital fakes, but this one is really clever and very well executed. Thanks much for sharing.

Pitman Lee
You r good! :0)

Philip Turner
Wonderfully Creative! I can appreciate the time and insight required for you to make this montage happen. As an artist on canvas, the strokes of the mouse yield up this striking image. Shows artful mastery of PhotoShop and much of what the software offers. Very well seen as an end result.

Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Very good digital job, Original composition.

Marta Eva LLamera
The power of creativity! Fantastic work. One more time Congratulations!

Kim Slonaker
Excellent work as always, Wilson. When you can make people think and ponder an image, you've done a good job!

Dariusz Nowicki
funny & very good !

W. Won
VEry creative. Nice light and feeling.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time. Appreciate all your feedback. ^_^ Paul, short of taking the pictures of all the cars' front, undersides, the cars' reflection will have to do for now. Good eye, BTW. Ooohhh, 3/3 rater, can you help elaborate a little? Curious of what I can fix. Don't be shy...^_^

Pnina Evental
Craetive Wilson, and good controled PS manipulation.Interesting result. Pnina

Francesco Martini
very good and original image!!!!!

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson Great PS work. Interesting concept. You can always come up with something creative. Bravo!! Sondra

nipon intarit
... Very good digital job, Original composition.Great works!

Wilson: 300 - a good opportunity to look back. Work or inspiration? I think after 300 pictures we are able to judge: Inspired photos, worked out by competence. And may I thank you for the fact that during building up this "heavy" contribution to PN you always had open capacities to look to the right and to the left, to recognize the works of the others and to concern with? HAND, RE

Walter Tatulinski
Happy 300 Wilson! This is really creative work. I especially like the diagonal formation of the cars, and their reflections on the "road". A very clean job of editing and a Very Good photograph! Regards.

Ken Beilman
How cool The photographer and the teacher in action. Thanks for the details, Wils.

Wilson Tsoi
Brief Play-by-Play... Thank you all for your feedback. Appreciate them all. ^_^ Steve, it probably took about 1.5 hours all together. Here's a brief play-by-play: 1. STREET CLEANING: Cleaned up street with combo of lasso/feather select, and eraser/various brush sizes. It wasn't hard, just time consuming. I went ahead and left a bit of shadows in front of cars and bikes. 2. ADDING SHADOWS & REFLECTIONS: Shadows as separate layers were pretty straight forward by feathered selection, fill, and varied opacity. Car and bike reflections were duplicated portions from the original layer, flip vertical, distort, and erase to taste. (Paul G. got it right that the reflections were of the top of the cars, and not the bottom, but not much I can do here.) 3. THE ABYSS: I magic wand the window panes I wanted to punch out, and delete. Create a new layer behind the windows, and fill it black. Lasso select different areas and lighten them based on which facade the sunken walls are facing (keep in mind a little of light direction.) ^_^

Steve Kay
Ta very much Thanks Wilson for your "Play by Play". If it's OK by you, I will practice this way as a tutorial to see if I can become closer to your level of expertize. Have you checked out my so-far Manipulations folder yet. Be pleased to have your critique on them.

Ada Ipenburg
You and your work are too clever for the little amateur I am. But I like this very much, Wilson. I'm convinced that everything which comes up into your mind, you are able to make it. Am I right? Best Regards, Ada.

Alec Ee
Wilson, your reflections are amazing. Good eye for details as always.

Steve Kay
Hi Wilson. Very interesting work. How long did this take to complete and would you share how you took the vehicles from their photo so cleanly. I have managed something similar but know-where as well.

Ken Beilman
Wils You get a 10 for creativity here. Congrats on your 300th!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson Excellent image !!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Nothing much to say, here, wilson. You are about as talented as they come. Love the PS work. Keep it up!!

Wilson Tsoi
Please feel free... Everyone, please feel free to use the play-by-play above as you see fit. Hopefully it's clear enough, but if any question, just drop me a note. David, thanks for your critique. Always appreciate the honest take. Yes, I get your points and thought of them as well while working it. But after 1.5 hours of messing around, I really didn't want to start over and recompose. Otherwise, I might have not left as much empty space around the traffic cluster, but then again, the building reflection might not have read too well (blocked out too much by traffic.) As for the cut off cars and bikers, it doesn't bother me much, and in fact implies continuity of traffic volume behind them. (Hope you didn't miss the 2 original images BTW.) At any rate, good call about when doing a manip to keep other basic importances in mind. Safe travel, David. ^_^

Brad Kim
Excellent intriguing image, Wilson....!!! I love your trick and wit.....

David McCracken
Not 3/3 but...... OK Wilson! I have come to ruin your party. 100/7 for patience. Your skills have pulled off a very interesting image. However, I feel you have got lost in the digital alteration and lost track of your composition. The heads being cut of the motor-cyclists is really annoying. I am also not keen on the fact that the cars to the rear cannot be seen in their entirety. Because of the missing heads and rears of vehicles there appears to be too much foreground. Just being honest!

Cherlyn .
Very unique. I keep looking at it to see how you do it until I se your original. Wonderful image.

Dave Nitsche
Now that is PS work light years beyond my ability... Great work Wilson, I really enjoyed trying to figure this one out...

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, Brad, Cherlyn, and Dave... Thanks you all for your feedback. Appreciate them all. Dave, you got to be pulling my leg . . . ^_^

Wim Ipenburg
This is a real masterpice from a real master! Thanks for sharing and giving new inspiration to me.

Wilson Tsoi
"Drive Carefully," 300th Image Anniversary, Woohoo... ^_^ Being THE 300th photo on PN, I figure it's got to be sort of special . . . oh well, drive carefully, you all. ^_^

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