Yve A1

by Peri John

yve a nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 17th of November 2004 11:00:40 PM


Marielou Dhumez
You know that it is not my cup of tea but I must admit it's a high photographic quality work.

Mark Julian Mackay
Good This is a very interesting picture, I don't think people fully understand your work John. There is so much more going on than just a nude.

John Peri
The floating effect is more enhanced in the horizontal plane, but it is true that I also prefer the original and true manner in which it was taken, which is the second photo taken below. I think I made the wrong choice when posting! Anyway, now you have seen them both.

John Peri
Detlef, actually I was doing acrobatics, hanging from the window sill!!

John Keiffer
I'm not sure why she is laying on those pillows. Wouldn't the drak couch have provided more contrast and maybe better seperation for the models curves?

John Peri
Ah Marielou, with your tremendous talent, you should try it! John, thank you for your interesting comment. The idea here was to create a floating image that separated from the background. Actually, this is the perspective from which I took it, and I wonder if the effect is not better in this plane. Incidentally, I was perched on the windowsill to do this with one leg hanging in the air! The model was terrified that I would fall on her at any moment.

Jim Swenson
John, another great shot.

David McCracken
Is it me? Photographically this is fine, however, I feel this pose does not flatter the model in the way most of your other pictures do. Maybe it is me!!!

Detlef Klahm
I see, you must have bought a step latter John!!hahhah!...love the perspective and pose

Detlef Klahm
that`ll work too John...tramboline gives you a certain highed and effective effect, what do you think?

Jovan Miric
:) Byutiful Photo

John Peri
I'll try it !

Thomas Collins
John, Great work! I too prefer the second one. Why not upload it to replace your original so that when people browse your albums they will see it in the way even you intended? I personally think this is a wonderful perspective and shows off the model's assets well (no pun intended). Well done again!

Bora Benic
The photo is very great.but I thing,I would have l�ked to see her color photo.Cong.Greeting.7/7

Chris Minor
Why is her eyes open?...And those Pumps. I bet you get lots of kudos for your talent. I don't think this one should be considered

Daniel Ramirez
WOW !!! Hermosa !!! Love the light and the pose Did I say "HERMOSA"? Daniel Ulysses

John Peri
Study in contrast and curves As the title says ...

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