Vasco da Gama bridge

by Sousa Dias Nana

vasco da gama bridge sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 17th of November 2004 02:18:39 PM


Nana Sousa Dias
Aerial photo This was my second experiment with a large format camera, on a helicopter. The first try was a big disaster, everything was out of focus. You don't have a way to confirm focus on the ground glass, inside a heli, and it's very easy that something touches the focusing knob on flight, because you are in a tiny room with a big camera and it is a big "shaker machine". My big mistake was to change lens. This time, I focused it to infinity and I "glued" the focusing knob with it's fixing device and used the same lens, so I didn't had to change focus. Next time, I'm gonna try it with color slide film.

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