"A Giant in a Gutter"

by Tsoi Wilson

a giant in gutter seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 17th of November 2004 12:04:06 AM


Howard Dion
My guess is a reflection in a puddle? In any event, most interesting and a tiny bit mysterious. If you hadn't posted the temple shot(which is pretty interesting in itself) we'd really be scrathcing our heads.

Brendon Ellis
It's hard to find a truly original picture these days, but you seem to have done it. I'm looking here and I still have no idea what the hell it is, but whatever the hell it is it's beautiful and mysterious. Great shot!

Andrea Endisch
Hugh's thoughts came to my mind as well when first looking at it...apart from that: great picture, I also like the fallen leafs adding some lively distortions. Regards, Andrea

Cheryl Colley
Interesting composition. I like.

Wilson Tsoi
How they look like at night... Got to "Temple of Dawn" when it was already dark. Thought I'd try something different with the giant statues guarding the temple ground.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
How neat and original! Gutter Art! LOL You'll start a new rage! I love it!

Kim Slonaker
Gutter art is pretty cool! I like the abstract effect and the great colors.

Hugh Hill
The story 'IT' springs to mind with the character 'Penny-wise the clown who I suppose could also be looked upon as a guardian. In the story 'IT' could take on any form that it's victims most feared - judging by the reflection this guy is pretty fearsome. well spotted.

Stephen Forsyth
Wow, even though I'm used to your reflection shots, this actually took a little while to twig, but now I get it... have to say, this is probably my fav of these. The way the statue works with the length of the puddle is great. On a deeper level, I'm thinking the ruin of civilisation. You can't wait a 1000 years for the paint to erode off and the statue to fall, so you do this. There's also a slight ancient world verses modern about this, the 'narrowness' of the statue suggesting how ancient buildings are being squeezed out of the skyline, the rectanglular shape of the puddle is the statue trying to emulate the shape of the skyscrapers around it, and falling dizzy from the effort...

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time. Hugh, I'm going to have to check out that Stephen King's book, or was that also a mini-series a few years back? Mr. Forsyth, always appreciate your angle on things; insightful and profound! ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wils Your reflection shots are always impressive. You are a very reflective photog. Nice work to see this one.

Ada Ipenburg
Hi Wilson. Nice picture, a bit mysterious! I like it very much, love mysterious things and places. Best Regardes, Ada.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
You and your reflections!! Interesting shot, Wils. It's really a good abstract. The gold and the lines are what make it interesting.

Alec Ee
Wow! Taking it to the extreme. IMHO it will look clearer as a gutter shot if it's turned upside down. Love the golden colors here. Must have been a great evening. Wilson.

CL: "No sports!" RE

Linda Keagle
Wilson Whenever I get bored with the same ol' on PN, I look at your stuff, and I feel refreshed!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time to comment. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Giant in a Gutter," guardian giant at a temple. "Objects are larger than they appear." Works for you? Appreciate your feedback. ^_^

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