Yve 9

by Peri John

yve nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 15th of November 2004 10:12:50 PM


steve wall
very nice light and pose. the left hand bothers me though.

Peter Gargiulo
My only concern is the LEFT hand which is the only hand in motion.

John Peri
Obviously, the left arm is in motion. I thought that it broke the static nature of the picture. I took others with the arm still. I may post one here when I get back from work tonight.

Filip Pizlo
John, I am curious to see how the fill flash did here. But I must say that I think that the lighting is fantastic as it is. Only problem is the left arm, as others have already noted...

marco prenninger
oh yeah man, great one here!!!!

John Peri
Well, I don't know much about shoes, maybe it's the taste of my models. Just joking Knicki. Thank you for a very interesting comment and for the time taken. The pot ... frankly, I didn't even notice it when I started photographing or I think I would have removed it! Oh yes, the pillow. Unfortunately it spoils the hairline, but her head was way back without it and I did not find any other solution. Maybe I will look for a much smaller pillow for next time.

Detlef Klahm
good use of natural setting and light...very sexy!

Aguiar Thierry
Good idea but too much things on this picture so I can not focuse on the model :-(

John Peri
Window light I have taken some more with a fill in flash but must wait for them to be developed to see if it improved ...

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