Yve 8

by Peri John

yve nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 15th of November 2004 08:09:28 PM


anna derksen
very good very good work

John Peri
Thomas, did you see the stairs photo? She was laughing most of the time .. I tried to get just a few shots where she was a little more dreamy ...

Steve Ward
sw john , you have another great photo of a great model, but it is not your typical work. the model is "somewwhere else" in this picture, and seems very distant when compared to many of your photos. i do not know if this is deliberate, but ithink this photo loses something by having such a detached look about it. the rest is top notch and miles beyond my own capability. this is just different.

Thomas Collins
I like, I like! What can I say? I like it John! Gorgeous model, great legs, super lighting and good colors. Uh-huh - I like it. :-)

John Peri
Well thanks Knicki, that is exactly why I leave the shoes on. I feel it helps to elongate the model and perspective in which she is seen.

mondiani .
Bravo I like everything in this one (but the stuff outside of the window). Anyway great picture. Superb model, nice point of view, excellent lighting ;)

Timo Hartikainen
I agree with Knicki about those pots. 5/5.

Thomas Collins
John and Knicki, Yes, I went and took a look at the stairs shot and I can see that you have a bubbly model. Working with a model that is all grins can be difficult but at least you know she is having a good time. Knicki, yes, I noticed - no jewelry, though I'll bet she would look great with a beatiful necklace in these shots. Something to offset the color of her eyes.

mazza .
Very nice John! Would like to see it a bit bigger though:) Lovely light and model. mazza

John Peri
Mazza thank you. I have been making my pictures smaller recently, after having discovered some of my photos on a japanese site. The problem with large files is that anyone can copy them and use them as they wish.

Bruce Jones
Size matters I tended to like the photo in the thumbnail best in the portfolio. The soft window light looked wonderful and I wanted to see the details it brought out. I was very disappointed when I clicked on it and it was still a thumbnail. On most newer monitors it comes across as hardly larger. Combine that with older tired eyes and it's too difficult to see. I'd suggest if you are so worried about someone stealing a photo don't post any. There will always be those who misuse anything. Either that or just become a bad photographer. The riffraff don't steal from hacks.

John Peri
Become a bad photographer? Bruce, you are not right about this. Photos get misused and the only protection against that is to publish them small when stocked in final form. I understand that it disappoints you, but it is not a reason to be offensive. I give as much pleasure as I can to my fellow photographers, I am afraid that I cannot give more.

Steve Ward
sw it is a shame that people misuse the privlege of seeing your photos. retransmitting them is cause enough for anyone to want to protect against such mis-use(and perhaps ab-use). copyrights just don't go far enough in this age. please keep posting your work, at whatever size is suitable for both yourself and your models. not only is it great viewing, it's great to aspire to

John Peri
Thank you Steve.

John Peri
Late afternoon ... .. just the window light ..

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