Yve 2

by Peri John

yve nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 14th of November 2004 08:49:32 PM


Boris Aleksandrovsky
6/6 I like the picture a lot, but composition-wise I keep wondering if it would be better for a model to have a slightly diffent pose, one which would correspond better to the curves in the staircase, railing and the overall conformation of the space. Her pose is too straight, legs and arms follow sharp angles. I am looking for her to merge more with the staircase, rather then being its opposite.

Keith Hatten
Stunning, you've captured her in that space of light so eloquently. Perfect, in my book.

John Peri
That's interesting Boris. Thank you.

steve wall
I like the lighting and the staircase. I don't think this a a good/flattering pose for her.

John Peri
Malcolm, that's what I used to think, until I started to ask my friends to pose for me. The more I photographed, the easier it became to find more models - friends of friends. It's just a question of getting started.

John Peri
Thanks Ben, I certainly see what you mean and I tried it, but don't you think that the photo has more depth and perspective like this?

Ben S
crop down to the lower stairs. it place her face more in the upper third and accentuate the stairs. i think this will create some dynamism that is missing in the present composition.

Ben S
john the amount of cropping i have in mind is perhaps 10% off the top (keep railing), which would not affect the depth particularly. trust your instincts about the light. the very top in shadows is dead space imho. the stairs provide plenty of depth. go with the flow of the photo and cut to its essentials. alternatively, bring us closer to her by cutting from the bottom, as well as from the sides to get tight on the stairs. the depth and perspective are lovely, but i think the power of the photo is the stairs and the light on the woman, besides the woman herself. the depth and perspective would matter more if the background/foreground were more interesting/unpredictable, but they are not. so focus on the power of the photo. you can never overcome the clothe others point out (who cares? the candid rather than studio-posed quality is part of the charm here), but you can bring us closer to what is compelling about it and present it visually in a little less predictable a way (as in the subject being off center). just some thoughts.

John Peri
That's very interesting, especially cropping away to the right. Thank you for all your trouble Ben.

Ben S
something like the attached is an example of what i have in mind.

John Peri
Thanks Alex and the others too ...

Al Li
Another beautiful image.

John Borjeson
Great light, great color, love the spiral, but somehow not quite

John Peri
Great critic!

John Peri
Staircase on a Sunday afternoon ... Why do these always happen to me ... I promised her it was weekend and the neighbours on my floor were away, so we could take some pictures on the staircase, and so they were. But it was Sunday late afternoon and they suddenly returned with the kids, suitcases, prams and all the rest. And so we were stuck between two floors, unable to get back up for ten mins .... the poor young lady totally naked .. freezing .. and very worried !

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