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Published: Saturday 13th of November 2004 03:51:56 PM


John Peri
Thanks Gene. What a nice message to come home to after a long trip.

Gene Zisman
Dear John I haven't loked at your pictures for a while and really regret it. Now I am back and enjoy it even more. I think that as a whole you managed to capture life through your women better than anybody else on this website. I dare to compare you with Toulouse Lautrec and his women... I will use this particular one as an example. On the surface, there is nothing here, just a woman, like many others. But...I look at her face and cannot get my eyes away from it. Why? Simple and sophisticated at the same time, tender and witty. It is not about age, rightly captured beauty is ageless. In this case, it only makes it stronger and more appealing. To sum it up, others might disagree, this is one of your best if not the best. Thanks for the pleasure of looking at it. Sincerely, Gene

John Peri
45 plus ... still very young. Thank you for this nice response everyone. I think we all agree that age is of no importance if one is happy with oneself and can convey it ..

Bob Kurt
Beautiful portrait!

Stephen Wilson
No question - she has charm AND beauty (and I'm 34 years old!). Love the pose and her expression. Lighting is great - only her ear (IMHO) is a little disturbing. Maybe try one with the top portion edited out?

Jos Van Poederooyen
Wow, this gaze caught my eye, very good study, John.

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Age....less Better, with grace, wisdom and memorys to charm us, a woman of age ! \Good for you John in capturing this.

Al Li
At 45+, this lady is stunning. You have captured a beautiful image for her.

Brad Kim
I love this series of yours, John..... Excellent works...!

John Peri
Contemplating age .... I will persue the presentation of the "older" model. I am convinced that a woman can have tremendous charm and beauty until a very advanced age ...

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