chris 6

by Peri John

chris johnperi artistic nudes abstract portrait glamour peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

Tags: johnperi artistic nudes abstract portrait glamour photography seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 13th of November 2004 02:56:08 PM


Timothy Hicks
Quality manipulation;

Peter Gargiulo
John, I love your work, but don't think this even compares. I wouldn't say I detest it, but just don't see the pop-art and fine nudes working together. Maybe if it were all pop-art styled?

John Peri
Fair enough Peter, thanks. It's important to try things out though .... and have a some fun in the process. This is just a nonsense photo I am experimenting with ..

Peter Gargiulo
Upon second viewing, I do like the top half, or elements of it. Maybe a full photo with that technique would do the trick. Either way, your usual work/style is fabulous!

Philip Turner
Very Andy Warhol-ish John, very nicely executed almost "pop" icon image. I am reminded of the sixties and Andy Warhol's screened images. I like much of your expanded (non-traditional) imagery. I would hope you'll do more. It's just unfortunate that the ratings won't accompany them too!

John Peri
Trying to break some barriers .... I'm just trying to combine a little pop art with photography. Some may find it interesting, others will detest it. That's what art is all about.

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