To want to fly # 06.

by Amelkovich Igor

to want fly nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Saturday 13th of November 2004 01:43:39 PM


W. Veena
well, your greys are surprisingly beautiful again and again. Hmm, only a photog. could possibly think first about greys in respect to your images... wonderful 7/7

Evgeniy Shaman
nice place!

Thorsten Jankowski
great great again.

Angel Pena
Wonderful image, Igor. I am used to like every shot you post. And your porfolio is inspiring. I just don't understand how you got so many threes and fours... too many ignorants around?

Darryl Hamre
I love every photo in your series at the deserted mine. As stated by others I love the contrast between the soft lines of the model and the harshness of the machinery. Great shot and thanks for sharing.

Stephen Miller
A model of industry?

Chris Conrad
Beautiful model; nice composition. cc

Thomas Collins
Wonderful contrast between the soft, delicate lines of the model and the harsh, rigid structure of the machinery.

Waldemar Nelos
Great! The contrast between the female body and the machinery is FANTASTIC. Perfect light and perfect composition. Keep up the great work!

roger michel
again, why the "on-toe" pose?? it just sems so uncomfortable and unnatural.

Igor Amelkovich
In Urals mountains.

Donnie Cox
Where is this wonderful looking place?! Very nice picture...

Igor Amelkovich
To want to fly # 06. The deserted mine.

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