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by Peri John

an nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 12th of November 2004 02:46:08 PM


Peepeye Photography
She's gorgeous & you have done a very fine job. - James

John Peri
Thank you Jane. I wrote the introduction too hastily and I regret having used the word "still". A forty five plus year old woman has charm, period. I apologize. Pat and Gregory, thanks for pointing out the technical faults. I agree of course.

David James
Spoiled Curve May I suggest a change in composition? The curve is the essence of this photograph and it is as perfect as the model. The edge of the chair completes the tension of the line, thusly - A wonderful image, do more along the same theme. Regards, D. James

Pat Merz
Even men 10 years younger than the subject can still admire a nice shape and pose ... but be careful with these kinds of chairs and naked flesh ... the leg looks a bit crumpled, and I will assume now it is because of the chair. Pose and lighting are nice, her look is a bit off, though.

Stuart Duffy
nice shape on the body but the lighting is too harsh for me

Greg Goldstein
John: Nicely lit while still retaining a candid quality. Her nipple is a bit to close to the chair's back and almost looks attached... I know, a tad tit critical.... My bad

rod innes
an 1 John another great shot some photos are perfect for b/w and this is one of them, i love it Rod

John Peri
Michael, I bounced a flash attached to the camera as usual. Maybe the lighting is just a little flat. Best wishes, John

Michael Charlebois
Technical Question John, What type of lighting did you use for this shot?

Peter Apostol
I cannot understand the negativity of all these comments. I find this photo one your best works of art. I find the pose extremely sexy, the model beautiful and the lighting on spot. This photo is characterized by insightful positioning and framing that EMFASIZES the curvature of the model.

John Peri
Thanks Peter (Apostolides?). However, I don't really find the remarks above to be negative. I guess this is not to everyone's taste though as it doesn't really fit comfortably either into glamour or figure study categories ...

Daniel Vinklar
wow! great! absolutely love this! (minor detail - pity the hair is lost in the black...) very nice (and yes, sexy too)

Martyn Oliver
Not to everyone's taste... ... but it is to mine! Thank you. This is a wonderfully natural shot (as is the other one of the same model, An2). Your plain bounced flash lights the model perfectly, reveals the detail and moulds the curves.

David James's suggestion (above) for an abstract is good, too -- but never as a replacement, only as an extra.


Jimmy Miller
Nice! Absolutely gorgeous model! Great pose, I like the lighting. Another outstanding photo! Thanks!

John Peri
The "older" model cont ..... Taking the photo was the easy part. to get her to accept to pose was the real challenge ... a forty five plus year old woman still has a lot of charm and can be very interesting to photograph.

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