"A Thai Landscape"

by Tsoi Wilson

a thai landscape seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 12th of November 2004 02:16:34 AM


Henri Manguy
Very nice landscape. It looks like a winter landscape. I think that the canvass texture is not necessary.

Gabriella Lucia
Wilson, was this a 72 ir?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks you all so far for your feedback. As you may have already guested, this was inspired by the IR enthusiasts on PN (Tony G., Bartek, Allon, etc.) Peter, it was indeed a Hoya IR-72 filter. I guess the digital infrared is one of a few niches that's super picky about which camera model (different sensor sensitivity) to use.

Howard Dion
Has a very deleicate feeling almost as if everything is made of glass. Unusual shot.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Really nice Wilson. I love the composition, color and texture. Really nice!

Paul Sokal - Dallas, TX

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Okay, Wilson - come clean ... HOW DID YOU DO THAT on your community member page ... with the pictures all moving across like that!!??

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
No - I've never tried IR before ... and I like the two-tone effect you've got here. The detail that you get in trees, etc. from an IR filter are always fascinating to me!!

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, I got a tip from CHiPs. I thought the same thing the first time I saw it! Go ahead and hook up with him and he'll definitely help you with this. He's a kind, sharing person. An asset to PN for sure. ^_^

Ada Ipenburg
Wilson, Looks like a Dutch winterlandscape, snow and frozen water to skate. Only the buildings shows it isn't. Very nice. Best Regards Ada.

Ken Beilman
Always reminds me of a snow scene. I've never really been a big fan of IR but there's certainly nothing wrong with this shot.

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson Great photo, love the IR effects. Haven't tried this yet but, will soon. Beautiful!! Sondra

Kim Slonaker
I like the tones and color, but don't like the texture as I feel it mutes the detail somewhat. Guess Tony has spoiled me for IR.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Sondra and Henri for your feedback. ^_^

Allon Kira
Hi Wilson, I'm happy to see you in the IR field, don't stop trying! Well, you got good tones and good colors! This is just great for first time. In order to get a less grainy image, try to shoot in shorter exp. Time. and from my short experience with the A80 (belongs to a friend of main), I got the best results (with the R72) when I shoot with f/4 - f/5. one more thing, I wonder why you didn't use your D70?? The D70 is very friendly with IR. Here is a link to a photo with the D70 (belongs to another friend of mine) he used my R72 filter. I love the IR effect with the D70, I hope you like it too :) http://www.photosig.com/go/photos/view?id=1380919&forward=user cheers, allon.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the encouragement and advice, Allon. Great to hear from an IR expert himself. You, Tony G., and Bartek have been teasing us all for a long time. Just can't wait anymore, but got to say that digital IR photography is a bit more picky with equipment (IR sensitivity of sensor?) along with more post capture processing, and trial and error as you've mentioned (to arrive at optimal aperture setting.) I'll try it with the D70 next time. Thanks again. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Thai Landscape," an IR interpretation. Thought I'll try everything at least once. Feedback is appreciated.

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