"Look Left, Look Right"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Thursday 11th of November 2004 06:24:18 PM


Iren Nagy
Too funny! I thought of the game Frogger right when I saw it and had a good chuckle when I saw your comment! Perfect timing (for the pedestrians too!) for an incredible shot! And wow, what an awesome portfolio you have! Thanks for sharing! Iren

Zsolt Szamosvári
Congratulations :)Very good shot.

Alec Ee
Hey Wilson! A typical scene in Bangkok where nobody obey the rules. Seen this a thousand times but never thought of using slow-mo to capture it. Kudos to you for originality! In Bangkok and Jakarta the saying is "When there's an accident on a zebra crossing the cops will know who is to blame. Ha ha ha (",)"

Jan Olof Härnström
Timing, comp and movement. Everything in this photo says 7/7

Wilson Tsoi
...and Bangkok is not as wild as image might have led you to believe...

Wilson Tsoi
...but of course I can't tell this to my neighbor Dave (his first trip to BKK) 'coz this is what he felt! ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Ken, I chose sepia for a more photojournalistic look, and Robert, thanks for your take. Guess I felt the need to adjust for hand holding a +2 sec. exposure. Glad to see viewers adjusting the flavor to their likings. Trust that everyone had some fun with this. ^_^

CR: Can we imagine a better compliment than: I got a new idea! CL: The closer we come (thumbnail - original) the more the general contrary between movement and immobility gets lost because of the blurred edges (and uneven structure) of the immobile parts ... HANE (Evening) RE

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far for your feedback... Appreciate them all. ^_^ Just in case if somebody missed the tech detail, please rest assured that no animals nor human beings were harm, physically nor emotionally from the making of this photograph.

Christos Stavrou
Frogger! you read my subconscious!...

Steve J Murray
Great idea and well done too!

Allon Kira
7/7 This is great, Wilson!! very original idea of an evrydey scene, you make it looks so interesting and unusual. this one is perfect to my taste! Cheers, allon.

Howard Dion
Well done. Love the Sepia tone. Wilson, you have an amazing eye. BTW: The arrow helps hold the image together.

Francesco Martini
very nice and original image!!!!

George Pentzikis

Danielle G
Another GREAT shot! Wilson, you're sooooooo good!

Sarah Underhill
Excellent! Great capture.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Whoa! Makes me nervous just looking at it! Wonderful sense of motion and danger. I like the crop, love the arrow, really adds something to the image! Nice one!

Frederic DAVID
Great composition et realization! AMazing capture of motion. fred

7/7 Prefect!!!!

Tuhin Saha
RE is right Wilson , fine thinking and lovely picture though ( and I really dont know where on the earth you are right now , probably only Arctic remains to be visited by you )..

Ada Ipenburg
'Zoef, zoef,' that's the sound I hear. Great shot, Wilson.

Robert Goldstein
I love this image but think it is greatly oversharpened. Here it is with a touch of Gaussian blur.

Martin Paul
Looks dangerous but a great shot, original to!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Wilson - this is a neat display of what exposure can do for you! I love that the people seem suspended while the cars are moving so fast. You've got great color tones and lines/geometries here.

Ig [M]

Stephen Galea
Wonderful Wilson...excellent idea and well done editing...

Cristina Fumi
Great idea and wonderfully done!

Jiri Vasina
Just excellent, the idea, the execution, the implications, the thoughts it provokes... Jiri

Jos Van Poederooyen
Great ideaagain, Wilson! Well put together in all aspects, comp,structure and the sepia photojournal thang!

Ignacio Izquierdo
Great great shot!!! Is just so powerful!!! Fast enough to see perfectly the people but also slow to see the movement in the vehicles. Is just so great!!! :) Congratulations.

Gaetan Chevalier
Excellent work, great creativity.

Ken Beilman
Wils Very original and creative. Nice one. Interesting how you chose sepia for this. Any reason?

anne knes
7-7 realmente una foto ganadora.

Pnina Evental
Interesting Wilson. Pnina

Mario Spalla
Ok.. I love this shoot (puurfect-time!) and i love tha composition too...7-7!! Best regards,mario.

Kim Slonaker
Great shot, Wilson. I remember Frogger - I killed a lot of frogs in that game - could never get them across in one piece. I love the sense of movement with the vehicles that gives this a feeling of danger.

Brad Bradley
Hey Wilson, This just excellent work....Ya gotta thank the cast, they played their roles perfectly. Yet, I know this is not choreographed, not a set....it's like an everyday scene in NY, Tokoyo, anywhere peops are trying to cross busy streets. But you have captured the exactitude to which you must play the street game. One missed step and it's game over. Really like the tones, rich contrast and striking detail. Very well done my friend, Bradley OK, now I read the details....Double exposure, and all I can say is you are masterful at your craft, clever and patient....well seen, thought out and crafted. Bradley

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone for your kind feedback. It's equally appreciated regardless if it's a hit or a bomb. ^_^

Marina Cano

Piotr Sosin
6/7 Great street shot! Original! Good caption too!

David Maisant
Super idea. Another great one in the bag Wilson.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, Piotr. Ooohhh...3 & 2 raters, improvement suggestions would be helpful. Can I have some? ^_^

Charlotte Aberg
7/7 WOW! it's all been said already so all i can say is well done - i love it - i can feel the movement and hear the cars!

Wilson Tsoi
Glad that it tickles you, Charlotte. ^_^

Jason Lucas
Tee Hee! So funny that you should mention Frogger, I loved that game! I like the way you pieced this together, it works well. I'm planning an around the world trip and have decided that Thailand is a must, especially after viewing such an incredible folder. I love all the striking colors. You're talent has enabled you to remember your trip with vivid detail, I hope I can do the same when the time comes.

Eoin O'Neill
I think I'll have to start experimenting with double exposures. great effect

Amy Nicholson
Fantastic photo!

Wilson Tsoi
"Look Left, Look Right...." a Bangkok crosswalk observation. "You look right, I'll look left," said Ma. Sonny replied, "Whew, we made it passed the bus." Does anybody remember a video game called, "Frogger?" ^_^

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