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by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 11th of November 2004 11:34:21 AM


Jim Hayes
Funny I seem to have a similar reoccuring dream. I just keep inserting a different John Peri friend with each dream. Alas, if we lose our dreams, then what else do we have to call our own? Fun shot John. It ought to drive the PS haters nuts, and make the rest of us smile.

John Peri
Shhhh ... Enrico Barone heard you and gave me a 2/2 immediately !!

David James
PS Nudes It is, after all, only the imagination that matters. Arguments about methodology have the same validity in 2004 that they had in 1904. Worse, given the range of expression afforded by todays technology, there are fewer excuses for fettering the mind with the fears of those less imaginative. Old Mac is absolutely right, the media is the message, push your creativity to the limits, please yourself, not others. All else is nonesense. Very well done, a nude asleep in an arora, compelling and tactile. The ruddy soles of her feet tack her to the earth and warn you of reality. Bravo, do more!

David Blair
You may never heard of the story of "Picnic at Hanging Rock", but it was a very haunting classic australian film. This photo, for me, brings to life the plight of the 3 girls who went missing, never to be found. She seems to be trapped in a cave, given up to the calling. In my eyes, a very dramatic piece of imagery. I have a painting on my wall from a painter relative that I shall photograph and send to you. It may send a chill.

Trisha Jean-Angela

I find this to be a beautiful and creative piece of art; mysterious and moody abstract with a nod to classic nude paintings. Wonderful work! Thank you for sharing. :)

John Peri
Distant horizons ... A fantasy projected into the world of dreams ....

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