Pacific Evening Mist (Best Viewed Large)

by Tylor Vincent K.

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Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 11th of November 2004 09:00:21 AM


Ehtasham ul haq
Ehtasham ul haq Great picture...

Jiri Vasina
Definitelly better in BW, looking forward for more... Jiri

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 Yeah, Vincent ... you could sell either the color version or the B&W quite easily!!! This is fabulous ... works VERY well in B&W. I would say that, for the caption, some use of the idea of infinity ("never ending" or "end of the sky" or something like that) and/or the idea of horizon need to come into play. I'm not a wordsmith ... but this image really takes me in those two directions (infinity & horizon). Wonderful work as usual!! :-)

Jay Patel
Hi Vincent, Here is my suggestion for the name...Beyond South Pacific, South Pacific Horizon. Hope this helps.

Mario Spalla
Wow ...Fantastic shot Vincent....I like the tones! Good!

Steve Spiker
Amazing image, wonderful exposure and powerful elements! 7/6

Robert Pietraga
good job

Vincent K. Tylor
Here is the original with color. I like this one as well. It is always possible I will use both, but since we have zero B&W at this time in our print line, that is what interests me the most with this image. Thanks again. The Colored version thread if anyone cares:

Thomas Christensen
That's wonderful.

Arup Bhattacharjee
7/7 What a picture!!! Wish I could have taken it.

Ken Williams ...
'Pacific Mist'........ 'Creation' .......... 'The 7th Day' and 'Dorky Photog' all come to mind for a title but I'll ponder it further ............. sol If I scroll the image to the top - the horizon looks undistorted to me ........... However, if you place a level on Jayme's head - you see a slight lean to the left ... ! (-;

Jim Goldstein
When Sky Meets Earth "When Sky Meets Earth" would be my pick. The clouds/mist converging at the horizon lead me to that name. I like the long exposure and the B&W works well. I think the B&W does a good job of keeping the focus on the clouds and mist. Great mood. The highlights really pull my eye into the photo adding to its depth. Very nice work.

Evgeniy Shaman

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Vincent- Super image. Not a thing I don't like about it. Like both the B&W and the color. One question, is there a slight wide angle bow to the horizon, or is it just me? Getting older you know!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Ken-please don't make fun of my head, I can't help it if my silly parents dropped me! They did the best they could, espically since I was raised by wolves or was that sheep? LOL Explains a lot of things about me!

Kurt Yang
Vincent, both version are really good. And the B&W looks even better.

e e
I prefer the b&w also.

Francesco Martini
excellent B&W.....!!!!!!

Alexander Chubb
there are 2 coments after my last coment and I came to see them.

Tuhin Saha
B & W looks far better Vincent , superb image ..

Colin Carron
A fine shot with an elemental 'just been created' feel. I'm trying to think of something from Genesis but snappier would be better!

Vincent K. Tylor
Now I remember Alexander, you posted this same version on the original colored image thread. Now I get it. Many thanks! Jay, you have competition. Pluse Pawel sent me a version privately as well. Guess who benefits from all this??

Vincent K. Tylor
Took this in Kealia Kauai, Leann. Remember Ricky?? Thats one one guy called me. Vicn or Taylor I can live with...(and do all the time) but not Ricky! Thanks for your all of your suggestions. Feel free to share opinions on the B&W verses the new sepia version as well. I am liking both, but really cannot put out two versions...three with color.

Leann Greene
Professor Ken Spelling check:unforgeTTable. How embarassing. Vincent: Which island was this taken on?

Steven Thompson
While I agree with your choice in B/W here, I can also see it being somewhat tough abandoning the great colors of the other version as well. As far as names, something with "mist" I think. A great image with a talented job of editing by Jay.

Amélie *
Alexander want some bubblegum?...and for everyone(including cutey Alexander).....

Vincent K. Tylor
All of your comments and suggestions have been very much appreciated here. I do believe that using the word "Mist" is perhaps the most fitting for this scene. While I also liked "Horizons" quite a bit, I just cannot seem to find a proper fit. Same with "Endless". I am leaning towards plain ole "Pacific Mist" but if another descriptive word can be added, I'd be inclined to go with the three word title. Perhaps "Cool Pacific Mist" or "Pacific Evening Mist" might do the trick. The idea of using Hawaiian names is also still very interesting. I will need to find the translation of the names mentioned above. Once again your help, comments and suggestions have been greatly appreciated. Many mahalos from the Pacific isles.

Walter Tatulinski
Carsten's got it...Kealia Kauai. The name flows as beautifully as the incoming ocean breezes. On my monitor the sepia version looks great; it provides a comfortable warmth to the eyes. It also seems to delineate the subtle patterns present in the mist and sky. However, for me, the real joy of a well made sepia-toned print is to see it "in the flesh" so to say. Regards.

Donna Albers
Vincent, all these versions are very very good. . . it's such a great image it would probably work in yellow too. . . sol

Jay Patel
Hi Vincent, I agree with Walter...You should print both of the out to compare how they look on the paper. Since the brightness of the monitor is not the same as brightness of the paper, the actual prints may have toned down highlights as compared the monitor and may require little more opening up of shadows.

Loren Sattler
Vincent, I feel the B&W is the far superior image! Great mood with the deep blacks and the fog.

Len Marriott
Hawaiian Snowclouds! Vincent, My title should cause a few second glances at least. By the time they've worked their way across the Pacific to the continent, across the Great Lakes, & over Georgian Bay they most certainly could be snowclouds, especially at this time of year. This shot could well have been taken on the shores of Georgian Bay, except your rocks are rougher, having not been polished for millennia by other rocks being pushed over them by glaciers. As for your decision to go B&W, could be a good one since the scene is basically a monochrome anyway. It'll be interesting to see if your expectations for it are met. Keep us posted. Best, LM.

Vincent K. Tylor
I really don't care how many times my name is mis-spelled, misunderstood or even forgotten (and that goes to my immediately family). This Sepia version is outstanding! I *might* actually like it even better. Will chew on it a bit. I can do color myself pretty decently, this type of B&W work needs to see Jay. Sheesh. Although if I remember correctly KW can do a mean B$W as well...

Tony Georgiadis
No doubt B&W.

Vincent K. Tylor
Kealia Kauai is my actual mailing address guys. Other than that little point it does have a nice flow. I'd rather something less formal... I think I also am starting to feel the B&W is slightly better after looking at it for a day now. Perhaps it has more of a cooling effect than the warmer sepia. Although both would probably work. Many, many mahalos once again for all of your input and suggestions. It truly is appreciated.

Walter Tatulinski
Humuhumunukunuku'a Pua'a Aloha Vince! You were fortunate to have Jay work on the original; you two would make a great team. I prefer this monochrome version over the color. The beauty of this is in its simplicity. And while the color version is good, I feel the color stands in the way somewhat. So...simple is best. Along the line of simplicity, I would not even try to formulate some poetic name for this photograph. For one reason, this scene could mean many things to the viewer. The meaning for him may be quite different than what your impression was when you closed the shutter. Rather, I would give it the name of the location (in Hawaiian). The Hawaiian language sings so beautifully and would reinforce the experience for the viewer. It would add a touch of romantic mystery and adventure as well. As long as you don't name it after the state fish I think you would be okay :0) Regards.

MJ Ward
Very powerful image. Nice work!

Jay Patel
Many Thanks Vincent!!

I certainly do appreciate you giving me an opportunity to work on this image...I consider it an honor. Getting paid was just the icing on the cake. :-))

If anyone needs my talents, please feel free to send me an email.

Amar Khoday
I am definitely more a fan on the black and white shot on this one. Beautiful.

C J Rupp
Endless Destination Great B&W Vincent, surreal and mysterious.

Angel Luis Hernandez
Nice shot!!

Detlef Klahm
Either way presented this is a dramatic landscape

Doug Hawks
I don't think I seen a better sea scape than this. Words escape me.

Angel Hernandez
Aloha Vincent! Nice to see your work again! A title? Why not? TOWARDS THE PARADISE or THE SKY IS THE LIMIT or .. a funny one MIND YOUR TOES if you dare to walk these rocks. Buper im,age anyway! Best regards!

jackie zialcita
perfect landscape!

Juan Martinez
Definetely better in B & W. It adds a great atmospheric effect. I like how the rocks lead in to the background. Great job!

Scott Jenkins
A Trail Leading Somewhere The rocks walk your eyes out to "Somewhere". Ok, my hoaky shot at the title. Vincent, marvelous work as always. -Scott

Jay Patel
To Jayme Hall That is too funny....I admire people who with good sense of humor. :-)) And you are right about slight bow on the horizon.

Doug Hawks
I'm holding on for dear life This is one powerful B&W photograph that I cannot even imagine in color. The sense of space, distance and motion is almost overwhelming. A tip of my hat to you before I get sucked into this image and vanish forever.

Brice Glende
7/7 Excellent!

Vincent K. Tylor
Many thanks for those of you brave enough to take a stab at it, some nice thoughts out there. Am considering all of your suggestions, with the exception of Ken Williams. (Though "Dorky Photographer" does have immediate application!) As you can see this can be a very difficult part of this biz... I prefer one or two word titles and three words at the max. The colored version would work in my book, but we already have plenty of images in color, so will either try both or most likely just the B&W. Black and white images are usually only found in the Hawaiiana portraits and never in prints or even postcards. People come out here and the colors simply stand out. So needless to say a B&W will be an interesting test. I would also like to take a moment to thank Jay Patel for sending me a private e-mail months ago (when the colored version of this was posted) showing me what he could do with this in B&W. It was much richer and far superior to my own desaturated version. So much so that I sent him my original 222 meg file, and a very fair fee to do this conversion correctly. Need I say more? He is available for hire. Many mahalos Jay, and to all of you for taking the time.

Stephen Forsyth
You've matched the rocks and clouds well, here, and I prefer the B&W to the colour... Names, let's think... My First B&W!, Peaks Amongst the Clouds, Causeway, A Causeway Carries Me Off To Heaven, B&W Seascape #1 or B&W Cloudscape #1(hehehe), em, damn this difficult... Touch the Sky, Path Through the Mists(of Depression)... Hang on, do I get some of the sales money if I name this thing? What! Why you little... I'm outa here!

Gaetan Chevalier
This is really a nice photo. I like it in B/W. Bravo for another excellent work.

Will Luciens
Mysterical... nice!

Martin Paul
Outstanding work here!

Alexander Chubb
my blush is red from amelies coment to me.

Alexander Chubb
and I left a specail coment o n another page if you can find it. RLTFLOMA!!!

Hulki Okan Tabak
Once again it is a great shot. BW has worked perfectly well, indeed better. Depth is magnificent.

Jay Patel
Hi Walter,

Thanks for the complement Walter.

I also like your suggestion. It is pretty original...I can't pronouce it, but it has my vote for it. :-))

Vincent K. Tylor
Name choosing aint easy. I've been down this road quite a few times. I like a few posted above, while another few were worth a good laugh. Walt, the thought of using Hawaiian names never really occurred to me, I will think it over a bit more...many thanks for the idea. I know VERY few names myself, but have plenty of friends that can help. Still, I would need whatever Hawaiian name to have some type of English relevance. Know what I mean? I'm sure I'll get asked plenty. "My Manly Biceps" might sound great in Hawaiian, but...

Ken Williams ...
Update - Jayme, my appologies .......... Upon further review - I appears I was dropped as a baby too - but on a harder floor ........ )-; Vince - where do you find these people ? - An interesting crowd you attract ......... sol Also, I can't believe you left me an opening with that 'My Manly Biceps' comment - I'll give you 30 seconds to retract it (because I like you - watch the hands amigo) or I will be forced to jump all over it - oppppps times up - sorry ...

Pawel Czapiewski
Congratulations Vincent and Jay. It's nice to see successful collaboration resulting an outstanding image. So how about "With J". Regards,

Great dramatic and atmosphere image. Regards 7/7

Frank Brault
I love the way the rocks draw your eye into the "misty deep". Wonderful composition and exposure!

Vincent K. Tylor
My manly biceps was a mistake Mr Ken, very sorry please do not punish me on my own image for having manly biceps. Genetics... The "saul santos diaz, November 12, 2004; 07:27 A.M." comment must have been a reply to the "Mario Spalla, November 11, 2004; 05:23 P.M." comment since I know neither of them. All is well in love and war. Nice Sepia version Alexander. Sorry if you were offended too, seems to be a bug goin around lately. Well Jay, wheres my Sepia version??Thanks to all for the input above, and keeping it fun!! Aloha

Ken Williams ...
Yeah Mr. Taylor - you mis-spelled your own name again - sheesh ....... Let me get your shawl - you must be getting cold - again ......... Helps Vince load film in the camera - Is hell growing old .......... )-;

Jay Patel
To Pawel, Thanks for those kind words Pawel. "With J"? Now that one is right up there with "My Manly Biceps" and "Dorky Photographer"...Lol!!

Alexander Chubb
THank yo umr Taylor. I see your versoin is a more somber horizon and mine is mroe deatiled in the clouds. You say Aloha in Hawwaii.

Alexander Chubb
but am I cute like you ? NO.

Carsten Ranke
7/7 ! Excellent B&W seascape. Why not name it "Kealia Kauai" after the island ? I prefer this version to the sepia a bit, because of the tones. Congrats, Carsten

Alexander Chubb
this is nice image but I am insult that you didnot mention my help for you ion the other of your pictres htat you have linked so I list here the two with the one of Jay on top and the on the botom of mine. I am sorry for reminding you of this

Jay Patel
Sepia Version

Per Vincent's request...Here is a sepia version of the image.

It has little more contrast in midtones. I hope you all like it.

kristin morales
ooooooooooh and,color, sepia all incredible. Boundless black and white...a truly worthy collaboration...Congrats to you and Jay.

Ken Williams ...
Title .. I agree with Steven - using the word 'mist' somewhere .......... Hmmmmmmm - how about 'Mist the Boat' No ............ we already used that as the title for your biography. How about ....... 'Mist the Point' No ....... that's the title to my biography. Either way - we're changing your name to Vicki ' Manly Biceps' Tylor ........ appeals to both genders and is nearly unforgetable. ...

Jay Patel
To Knicki All your photo Knicki?? Cool...I would be able to quit by day job then. :-))

Alexander Chubb
I am glad I start so much controversyt. ROFLMAO!!! I like the sepia to but keep seeing the white cloud after I finish looking. but i Like the dark horizion of Vincetn and Jays.

Javad Namazie
Wasteland in the Mists i think the sepia is the strongest image... i really love how you got mist covering the bottom half of the photo, and clouds covering the top, and yet managed to get such a clearly demarcated horizon. fabulous shot...

Jean Pierre Romeyer
Everything has been said, so I just add my admiration to this perfect landscape!

Alexander Chubb
some of the things that have been said I said them

Paula Grenside
B&W absolutely; it adds to the atmosphere. I also like the title and the double take on Pacific.

Herman Talvitie
Great picture! Be very happy for the job you're doing for living! =) 7/7

David Orea
Beautiful image, Vincent.

Laura E. Napolitano
Quite frankly, I'd conclude that this image successfully produces such a dynamic range of tones that it would look good in nearly any wash of color. Its depth makes it look like you're looking out to infinity because of the way the clouds and rocks rush in at you. This makes you a very lucky man with a great looking shot. BTW, I dl'd one of your images from WebShots and put it on my desktop at work....all I can say is, gazing at it endlessly does not inspire my productivity....hehehe

Toni Martin
Darn, I wish I were there! You lucky devil! You do such great work with your opportunities!

Vincent K. Tylor
Many thanks for all of your visits. The suggestions for improvements, for a title and everything in between is greatly appreciated and helpful. I have uploaded the final version with a little more richness here as well as the final title of Pacific Evening Mist. A big Mahalos to you all.

Dennis Jones
Doesn't get much better than this...Very nice and well done....

Vincent K. Tylor
Nameless Image Many of you around here know that I prefer colorful images. A polarizer and Velvia have always been speacial friends to me... despite a few daring opposers of that combo. This image here however just seems to work for me in B&W. This was taken without any filters, captured with Velvia and converted to B&W. This will be the first Black and white offered in our print line. I've thought about a name extensively yet just not found one that feels right. Therefore, am welcoming any suggestions you might want to offer. Evening Mist, Peaceful Pacific, Endless Horizon are just a few thoughts in my mind, feel free to offer anything that might work. Any other suggestions about the image or this conversion are also greatly apprecaited. Many mahalos.

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