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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 11th of November 2004 12:53:54 AM


John Peri
Thank you William, but an exotic woman is perfectly comparable to a beautiful landscape and I love them both.

Aaron Falkenberg
Indeed, her expression would make one think so, well done.

Greg Goldstein
Great sense of motion. Beautiful eyes and a very strong jaw line sets this lovely lady apart from many. Nice image, well lit (although a bit of an edge light to her hair would help seperate it a bit from the background).

Jim Swenson
Nice shot.

William Belvin
I do landscapes but beautiful lines, great job

George Becker
Thank you Thank You Thank You Great shot!

Lionel Dupre
Hi John,
I think you achieved something different from what you usually do. I mean, this picture is in movement, and this is definitely an improvement. I have difficulties to imagine how you could obtain such a result ...
Actually, I earlier mentionned I was seeing burnt highlights, but this comes from my screen. I am now sure of this. (I had a doubt after reading a previous comment about the perfect exposure !). All my apologies for this.
All the best !

John Peri
Thanks Evgeni. I guess it could look like that but, actually, she is leaning back in her chair holding the rim ...

Cristina Fumi
great pose!

Evgeni Rozenshtein
90 degrees CW turn making real motion feeling and working perfect here! Excellent!

Edwin Mendoza
If this is not your BEST shot, it is close to it. Good job. It looks artistic and commercial, at a higher level.

Umair Ghani
7/ 7 peri's mark again. i luv ur work. it's so dynamic & spontanious...always contagious. the tones r remarkable & looks...stunning.

Heather Carlin - Los Angeles CA
I love this image. Great light. Wish it was mine!

Gary Evans
I have to agree that this is your BEST shot! At least that you've posted. WELL DONE!

Marc Aubry

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Hehe... So, I'm wrong...
Still excellent! :)))

Javad Namazie
that black patch in the background behind her head is very distracting. to a lesser extent, the curving back upwards of her leg, i'm guessing, at the bottom left, disrupts the overall clean-ness of the photograph... otherwise, great shot, i love the framing, beautiful subject, and the rotating sideways was a nice touch

Evgeniy Shaman
fantastic face of the model! but realy i dont like cut off hands...

Robie Kulokivi
Movement of hair... ...and the glance is captured perfectly.

John Peri
Candid portrait 2 She's a perky young lady and great fun to photograph ....

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