"Skyscraper 101"

by Tsoi Wilson

skyscraper seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 9th of November 2004 04:49:20 PM


Derek Prinsloo
my two cents... The only thing keeping it from perfection are the pulleys pointing the wrong way ... but then again, that could just be the engineer in me talking :) Great photo. Did you have this twist in mind when you shot it? Or did it evolve in post-production?

Wilson Tsoi
Glad you all enjoyed it ... Derek, I noticed the relationship of the building and knew that at least compositionally it'll work. After reviewing the image seconds later, it was a no brainer. ^_^

Bryan Olesen
Very clever Wilson. A simple turn of your camera makes this very well done I think. You show just enough in your comp to make this very effective and humorous too. Good imagination - Nice work.

Angel Hernandez
Original, funny, excellent light....I like this shot!

Gabriella Lucia
It makes me dizzy

Kim Slonaker
Very cool, Wilson - now I'm going the other way - 6/7!

Stephen Forsyth
'Come on how, lads! Heave! Ho! Put your backs into it! What are ye, a bunch o' girls!? Heave!'. Gave me a chuckle...

Alec Ee
Kodus for your creativity. Not your everyday tourist scenes in Bangkok. Keep on experimenting and love the clean crisp image and colors!

Wilson Tsoi
Original Capture/Orientation Thanks for looking, Bryan. Here's the original capture.

Ken Beilman
Wils I'm with Howard. Very clever and funny and original. You're always looking for that new and different angle or reflection.

Howard Dion
Alright, Mr Clever Photographer, how'd you do it? Wilson, this is original and very awesome.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback so far. 3/3, wow, I never thought that this would be a "below average" in originality . . . but, as long as most of us get a good laugh out of it, I'm cool. ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I like the rotation and the colors here. But, actually, the first thing that comes to mind is that the sign is in English. I haven't traveled in the Far East ever, but I would hope to think that even in the major urban areas, the language of the country would be prevalent even in the advertising. The Thai characters are lovely and unique looking to my eye. Why am I disappointed?

Wilson Tsoi
Alec, Lou Ann... Thank you both for your feedback. Lou Ann, it's pretty common in large, southeast Asian metropolis to see English in advertisement. "We Strive, You Thrive," is Standard Chartered (Hongkong headquartered, Britished reared,) slogan.

Wilson Tsoi
Idiot's Guide to Skyscraper Construction Erecting a skyscraper...does it work?

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