11-8-04 Aurora

by VenHaus Chris

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Published: Tuesday 9th of November 2004 06:11:22 AM


Erik Nelson
great! Great catch! Here in Minnesota, we only caught the smallest of displays from this one. That's also a really nice scene to showcase them with; I love the backlit trees.

Aaron Falkenberg
Very nice. Good exposure for the ground, as well.

Phong Kim
Very lovely! Would you share the technical detail? Thanks! 7/7

Jim McConnell

Marta Eva LLamera
Impressive!! Best Regards.

Abhi K
I love the reflection in the water !

Scott Prokop
Spectacular Colors I am amazed at the range of colors you are able to get out of you auroras. How do you do it?? What is your secret??

Rob Miller
Amazing The lights have been bright here in Albany, NY too. But this, I could never imagine. You've even got a reflection in the water. Nice!

E Utter
Love it! What a beautiful photograph! Perfect amount of light to capture the colors in the sky.

Dominik Kuklinski
Beautiful You have a beatiful portfolio,absolutely outstanding...best regards

Vijay Ramaswami
Veru nice.. colors.. are really goood

David Christenson
Very broard array of colors. Perfect. -God bless

Aimee Hall
When I lived in Montana, I could look out my window at night and the lights would put me to sleep, but none of the nights were as beautiful as the one you have captured. Thank you.

Chris VenHaus
Aurora shot from Sunday night. Took this one during one of the best auroral displays I've ever seen.

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