Nude desert?

by Moser Dionys

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Gallery: Dionys Mosers' Desert-Photos

Tags: desert seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 6th of November 2004 06:11:04 PM


Cobus Wassermann
Very nice I like the photo. Namib light is just so rich in colour. You certainly fooled Dennis in believing there is actually a nude here.

David Bradley

Dennis McKenzie
I like this You handle the black space very well one wonders were the nude begins and ends.the bright area of skin on the left of the image is a bit bright or makes a to strong of a contrast with the black above it looking like a PS tool was used. PS is fine with me I use it all the time. The trick to using PS is make the edges of contrast look like they were not used in PS. Any way a very nice compostion and nice job. 6/6

Dennis McKenzie
PS After looking at this again in larger format that edge looks a lot better. What I feel is that the black above the "dune" is the same tone as below the dune. Anyway something to think about.

Dionys Moser
Woman behind the dune? Her name is Namibdune and she's in Namibia

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