Stinging scorpion.

by Amelkovich Igor

stinging scorpion nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Thursday 4th of November 2004 12:41:43 PM


Mrgud S.M.
Uhm... This is masterpice Igor! :)) Excellent composition and magnificant idea! Beautiful image! Congrat! :))

Rusty Dallas
Arousing.... Both intellectually and physically. Excellent work!

Patrick Jakobsson
Wow.. Now this is different! Superb composition.. great texture and light.. fantastic tones!! 6/7.. and very near 7/7!! Cheers! Patrick J

mazza .
I like the pose and the placement of the model in the corner. As always your picture is very good and clean. Great work. mazza.

Hossein Sharififar
Very very erotic pose...

Paul Sokal - Dallas, TX
Love the tones

M. Korach
7/7 Nice photo work Igor ! Regards fron Sweden

Steve Bingham
A very visually exciting image. Pretty good piece of art! Congradulations.

Michael Börm
just perfect !

Mahmood Hamidi
Fantastic pose and tones. Provocative.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Fantastic! Excellent lighting angle!

Darko Kordovan

Walter Iglesias
Strong Image.

Daniel Mejias
Incredible posing and composition!

Rodolfo Negrete
I would love to get stung from that! wonderful picture as usuall. and also very original

Armindo Lopes
Very original pose.

Stuart Duffy
amazingly vunerable and exposed - well done

Beepy .
Well done. I didn't see the title in the thumbnails, but I was always pausing on this image thinking "spider" - but yes, scorpion. I like the cornered look and the composition. Excellent.

Gudmund Thorgeirsson
Splendid studio work!

frank dorosy
All I can say is Excellent...

Gerry H
interestng shot - the poise of the feet and hands really make the shot - well done 6/6

Dima Oukhov

Matt Brandon

Anne Post
Wow I like this photo very much. I love it's sensuality. It shows everything, but it's beautiful.

roger michel
technically superb. pose does not appeal to me. but i accept that such things are subjective. body as sculpture i suppose. not erotic.

David Shelby
I like the strong idealized image,and the fact you are willing to explore boundaries that takes the image to the edge of nonconformity.To be different in perspective is the challenge you have succeeded in !!!!

Tawhid Uddin
I agree with roger michel, and I think it is also a painful position. 6/6

Billy - B. V.
Spider - woman. Very sexy spider.

Alex Mehl
evokes feelings of conflict, apprehensiveness and even danger. Technically perfect and emotionally taxing.

Fran Garcia
excellent very good shoot 7/7

_ indigene
This picture is in my highly rated ones. I like it.

Daniel Vinklar
great! I love this photo! and many other of your works... Great talent, great work. Best regards, Daniel

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Wonderful photo! Tones & composition are perfect!

Assiah Alcazar Martin
its hot, hard,beatifull,great work

Kelvin Bernard
Lethal beauty!!!

Igor Amelkovich
Stinging scorpion. Scorpion in a fighting pose!

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