by Peri John

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Published: Monday 1st of November 2004 08:36:29 PM


Jim Weng
Good shoot ! hello John, I am a new hand to take a photograph, just sign in. I am attracted to the photo you shoot!

Howard Dion
Very excellent. Lots of personality. Love the colors. Warm Regards, Howard

Ruslan Lavrentyev
Perfect women-perfect photos Hello, John. Like Leonard Cohen is singing, "Because of few (songs)... wherein I spoke of their mystery... women have been exceptionally kind to my old age" Your style of Photography can be illustrated by these words. I cry for joy...

John Peri
I come across Leonard sometimes in Hydra, where he has a summer house. Yes, he loves women I guess!

Yoosef Majidi
-- Its a cute.

John Peri
Portrait of a friend 3 .. just a portrait ..

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