Dax 7

by Peri John

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Published: Monday 1st of November 2004 02:10:38 PM


John Peri
David, though I am obviously not refering to the body, they probably did look different on average then, yes. Though diet came along with Twiggy, exercise appeared much later on the scene. No, it's the berret hat, hairstyle (not very visible in this one) and the make up which is fifty stylishhh.

steve wall
I don't don't remember people being so pale in the fifties. the out of focus hand bothers me. but then I am a 1950 model.

David McCracken
I hope........ John, you always seem to respond to comments even to those who do not deserve your time. I am just a little worried that you did not realise I was being my (alleged) humorous self!

Greg Goldstein
Very nicely lit John! I like this one much better then the one of her reclining. Nice to see you playing with styles. Greg

John Peri
David, I have no objection to your comments, but I really do believe it is time that you decided what brand of beer you like most.

Al Li
This is the one... John, I like this one the most. The tone and faded color have a vintage feel. No harsh shadow, soft beautiful even skin tone, and very well frame. Beautiful shot.

David McCracken
Naked Bodies Did naked bodies look different in the fities...... I guess you mean fifties!

Marc G.
Disturbing picture. So silent. Half woman, half statue, imperfect, unreal... I like this - reminds me a bit of the atmosphears in "Twin Peaks"...

John Peri
Carmen ... cont. A model with the fities look ... cont. 3

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