dax 1

by Peri John

dax nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 1st of November 2004 01:39:56 PM


Thomas Linn
Very well done. I prefer the B&W photo with this young lady. For me it gives it more of a 50's feel. But this is only the humble opinion of a photographer of windmills...

steve wall
I agree this has a fifites look to it. The washed out spot on her right arm and the lack of detail in her hair(or is it part of her hat) bothers me.

Thomas Collins
John, of course you know where I stand in regards to this subject of personal tastes and the maturity of respecting other's. I unfortunately have also had to delete the occasional photo because of embarrassingly crass comments left by the immature audience. But back to the subject at hand - this wonderful image of Dax 1. The chair really draws the attention of the viewer to the model, and yet adds dimension and symmetry. The model looks at ease and is obviously enjoying the experience. Another well done image to add to your ever growing collection.

Aguiar Thierry
Really Great! It is not really in your usual style, but it's a success!

Jody Frost
You go John! Good for you John! I loved reading your honest response and couldn't agree with you more. I can't understand why people who are offended by certain subject matter bother to look, and more over, have something negative to say! Why not just skip on past and look at the windmills or whatever it is they fancy.

Jim McConnell

John Peri
A model with the fiftees look .. A very special young lady that has the look of the fiftees .....

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