dust wiper

by Stoegbauer Harald

dust wiper seeking critique stoegbauer harald

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Published: Monday 1st of November 2004 10:32:09 AM


Paolo Rella
Great capture!

Rick Louche Jr
How cool is this! Great catch! I would like to have seen the man either three quarters up or three quarters down in the frame instead of the dead center point- AAAAchoo! Sorry, dust makes me sneeze.

Harald Stoegbauer
Thanks I will try my best to combine your comments with the picture. It will be interesting if the new version will get even better votes. Thanks

Salvatore Mele
I find this shot refreshing (notwhitstanding the dust!) and original! I particularly like the dust trail coming up from the broom and the almost heroic stand of the sweeper. I share some of the opinions expressed above concerning having either more or less of the job in front of the sweeper, by appropriate cropping. Which of it is left to the message you will choose to convey. On other matters, I wonder if you have anything to the left which you did not show to us: I would not mind some more space between the end of the broom and the end of the frame. Incidentally, a simple (black?) dark coloured frame would in my opinion help the shot stand out better on a monitor.

Jon Reades

This is wonderfully-spotted image -- the type of thing that many people (myself included) would easily overlook. Congratulations.

However, since this is a critique forum, I did want to offer a couple of bits of feedback:

These are, however, really just nitpicks and, as I said, I think it's a beautifully-caught image.

Ignacio Izquierdo
Hey!! It works perfectly for me. You were supposed to get the man a little down but then I think the effecto wouldn't be the same. I like it very muc!!

Kurt Kramer
Wow! Beautifully seen image and nicely captured. As Jon did above, I'd also like to offer some constructive criticisms. I agree with Jon that the broom is just a little too close to the edge of the image. I'd also like to see the image cropped, but in the opposite direction from Jon. I'd like to see the sweeper at the upper third of the image. Having the figure off of dead-center would make this a more dynamic image. I think the space at the top is far less interesting than the patterns he's made with his sweeping action. I suggest you crop the top 20% of the image and/or add some more at the bottom is there is any more of the image captured down there. Regardless of these tweaks though, it is a fascinating photo.

Alberto Pareto
Great capture!! This is creativity ... On my monitor the man is too much contrasted, the green looks like black. Congratulations and regards. Alberto

Hashim A
dust wiper Very nicely seen and presented. I like how this is composed and how you've gotten the range of the broom covered in the bottom half.

Stephan Dietrich
Job security ... This poor person has an endless "job security" type job. Great simple image. Hard to say whether to crop up, down, square ... or, simply leave as is, which is perfectly fine as well. Your presentation, capture, detail, exposure and everything work fine. Great capture.

Manolis Spanakis
The crop is good for me. In fact, everything is excellent

Sarah Underhill
Wonderful capture. Of course you could crop this in many different ways, but it works as is!

alex chorine
great. 7/7 alex.

Tom Ozbolt
A scene from Dante's Inferno Everyone is too stuck on the rules! I thinks this photo is perfect. An eternity done, an eternity to go.

Mohamad Reza Fathali
very artistic and orginal!

Harald Stoegbauer
yellow river Comments are Welcome!

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