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by Peri John

mg nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 31st of October 2004 04:04:06 PM


Göran Algers
mind Simply wonderful! I cannot put in words the feeling she expresses, but it?s simply lovely!

John Peri
Well, this gentleman above has made the same remark under the last sixteen photos that he has visited!

George Becker
YES John more than a little skill but you both have tremendous skill and when you collaborate it shows. I look forward to seeing more of this wonderful collaboration. George

Al Li
Cool shot, very natural look.

John Peri
Thanks, she'll be pleased. I'll get her to come back and do some more ... but there is very little "skill" there ... it's just her look !

Robert Farnham
Hi John, I have yet to see a portrait of this beauty that deserves the word "just"...I hope this isn't becoming routine for you...! ;-) R.

George Becker
.. just another mg portrait .. John for me there is no such thing as just another mg portrait. Every image of her I feel she is looking into my soul. For me she is your best, most skilled model. I will never grow tired of seeing more of your collaborative work. Thanks George

John Peri
... window light and a bit of bounced flash.

David McCracken
Could do better! John, Your photography is like sex..... when it is good it is very very good and when it is bad it is still pretty good. I was pleased to recognise the girl as one of your featured models before I saw that she was naked or your name appeared. I think you probably could do better. So after your next 1000 postings or so, I will let you know how your getting on!

Darko Kordovan
Beautifull and so natural...

Alexander Rainchik
light setup? John, Can you tell us about your light setup for this shot? Thank you!

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva

Don Farra
you have to ask yourself one question, is this the best I can do? Nudes are quickly becoming null and void, lacking orignality and imagination. Push yourself to break the mold and come up with something original.

John Peri
Steve, thank you very much, that's very kind, but what I truly believe is the most important ingredient in my photos is the relation that I try hard to establish with my models (I'm crazy about every one of them, so it's really quite easy!), but seriously, it's not the technical side that I have any talent in.

Steve Ward
another outstanding photo. perhaps you occasionally could teach some of your "not much skill" so a few others of us could try to match it

C. Daunis
I find her to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, and you do her justice.

John Peri
Camera shy .. .. just another mg portrait ..

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