Nuance #53

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance schneider kreuznach symmar s kodak t max nuan sousa dias nana

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Published: Saturday 30th of October 2004 02:15:32 PM


Yuri Bonder
77 Wonderfull!!

Mahmood Hamidi
Nice one

Nana Sousa Dias
I'm sorry, Fabio, the technical info was wrong! This is a contact print, from a 8x10" negative, that I made with a Tachihara GF 810. As to your question, of course you can use the Fuji GA 645 in other modes! There is a knob on the backside of the camera with several options: M (manual), A (Aperture priority), P (Program mode), ISO (Film speed) Off (where you turn the camera off) and Data (where you can select the kind of data that you want, printed on the negative). Besides this knob you have others, where you can select semi-auto focus (you can select a few preset distances), use of built-in flash, Exposure compensation and I can't remember more, because I don't have the camera with me, right now.

fabio bozuffi
pretty nice. only a qestion: do you can use the ga645 other than in P mode ( i'm not able at all)

Marco Giardini
i do not like nudes, usually, the risk to be vulgar is often too high. In this shot i read an outstanding class (the same class i have read in most of your pictures) and a the love for the beauty in all the forms. beautiful in many aspects, i like to think that this shot represents your personality....a nice one. Thanks for sharing it Nana Dias .oesse.

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