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by Peri John

jo nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 25th of October 2004 05:47:56 PM


Cristina Fumi
john, the girl is very pretty, pose is fine, but the focus doesn't seem to be on her face...

James Goulden
her right arm looks uncomfortable, the side of the door with the hinge is distracting as is the white item in the background. She's a pretty girl but that doesn't make the photo stand out in any way for me.

Fabian Graham
Beautifully taken, and compliments for your friends daughter on an excellent and tasteful pose.

Roberto Quesada
Beautiful model!!!

Alec Ee
Lovely pose.

Mike Matcho
This is a terrific shot. It looks as if she just leaned in for a split-second before springing away, and you caught her just before she did. The hinge looks perfectly natural as part of the door, and the background is interesting without being distracting in the least. And the model is a super-pretty young lady.

Marielou Dhumez
Beautiful lady and portrait !

John Peri
Cristina, it was sharp, too sharp. She's very young and her skin is a little fragile (er .. spots), so I softened the face a bit.

John Peri
Portrait in the doorway .. daughter of a friend who wanted to pose ..

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