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Published: Saturday 23rd of October 2004 03:28:51 PM


Greg Goldstein
John: I'm not keen on this top picture. I find the braid of hair over her eye to be very distracting as well as her left arm terminating in her head. I like the last one of this posted series much better. I think her features would really pop if shot with some strong cross light. Keep having fun! Greg

John Peri
.. she is also very charismatic

Theo Keijzers
Photo 3 does not look posed, and i find that one very nice. But the smile in your top photo is priceless, beautiful woman. By the way, i know the feeling of coming back to one model, and i sure do understand why you would come back to her.

John Peri
.. and has intelligent eyes

D Price
Nice I agree, she has a great expression. Nice eyes and skin. I like your work, all your models look great.

John Peri
Yes, just a fraction to the left would have been much better .. but it does in my view give the photo a feeling of spontaneity. Had I leaned forward to correct that, her expression would have changed. Photos no. 2 and 3 are "posed", as is largely also the one above, since I said "don't move"! My preference is for no. 1 .. I feel I am present! Many thanks for your comment.

Ed de Vlam
Warm and beautiful.

Cristina Fumi
gorgeous woman, please tell her for me! I like all the portraits: even the ones you said are posed, look like very spontaneous to me. I think it must be because of the good feeling btw you and her. ciao

Mark Anthony Kathurima
Great work! I don't mind the braid falling over her eye, I think it adds a touch of 'natural' to this photo. I really like the lighting too. All in all, a wonderful photograph :)



John Peri
Clara I come back to this model again because I find her to be very expressive ...

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