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Published: Friday 22nd of October 2004 06:21:50 AM


John Peri
... she got too hot after dancing on the balcony for a little while ..

John Peri
... she has never modeled. I made a book for her out of the few pictures that I did of her during two afternoons and she presented it to an agency ... she got two jobs within two days .. so maybe she has launched into a new carrier on the side .....

Umair Ghani
brilliant peri, again. beautiful expression & insidious rythum. "why not", that's what any model'd say 2 a talented photographer like u. i also luv the pic in red. marvellous effort.

John Peri
Thanks Umair. She makes a charming model, doesn't she.

Rami Meir
i can see the paste.. i think it would have been a better shot if u kept the original

John Peri
Well Rami, I can't say that your remark is tremendously useful, but I am aware that I am sometimes more than a little lazy. To find fault in the montage here, I feel that one really has to try and search for it very hard. I can't see it on the print (the top bit on the left is a yellow patch caused by the rain on the wall), but thanks anyway. It's good to be reminded to be more careful in general.

Howard Dion
Ladies and gents, focus on the ladies and how free they feel with the camera. Am I right, John?

John Peri
Thanks Howard, I guess that is an important part of it. I hardly knew her actually, but we became good friends by the end of the session and now see each other regularly.

John Peri
Dance ... Some movement ... and a little charm ..

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