Before I "Leaf"

by Tsoi Wilson

before i leaf seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 22nd of October 2004 04:40:22 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Have a safe trip! We'll miss you! What wonderful leaves you have out West! Such bright red and so untouched by acid rain. Beautiful! Such detail!

Ivan Colman
Personally I would have left out most of the part above the sharp leaf.

Francesco Martini
very simple..very good!!!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Very pretty, Wilson. I like the DOF ... sharp leaf, fuzzy background. While driving around the DC area lately, my eyes have been going to how dark the trunks of the trees are against the gorgeous colors that are emerging. You've captured this well here. Enjoy your trip! :-)

Gabriella Lucia
So much for the bum raps on 2x teleconverters. This is great Wils. I just ordered a Canon 135mm f2.0 and a 1.4 tele. I shyed away from the 2x because of many bad reviews. I may change my mind.

Fine variation of your first one. Would not be sad if the branch in the foreground would leave us too! RE (HANT)

Howard Dion
Honestly, the top dark out of focus branch is an image killer. I guess that's why Photoshop invented the Clone Tool. Of course this is just my early morning personal opinion and I could change my mind after my second cup of Java.

Kim Slonaker
As usual, I'm with the rest of the bunch - the branch ruins it for me, which is sad because this has such great color and contrast.

Bryan Willis
Amazing detail and composition.

Ken Beilman
Wils Stunning color and detail. I too would like it better without the branch in the foreground but that, by no means, kills it for me.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you ladies and gents for your valuable comments and feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
One more image, " Before I 'Leaf' " Going to be out for 1-1/2 week, so here's one more to remember the beautiful fall season we have so far. ^_^

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