Reincarnation at metal works # 2

by Amelkovich Igor

reincarnation at metal works nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 21st of October 2004 12:41:46 PM


Igor Amelkovich

David McCracken
A question! Is the model available if I need some welding done on my car? I can dream! Very good........ as usual!

Glen Dealtry
Great Shot Igor ! The composition has a good balance.

Hugh Hill
Reincarnation at metal works # 2 Svdra vitsay brat, Nice one Igor I will not go on about how good the technical points are here as it is already apparent but I?d like to say how I admire your constant creative flow that never ceases to please both my eye and mind alike. I would like to try similar shots one day but am worried as not to come across 'tacky' (cheap!) You make it seem so natural even in the most bizarre situations, you are without doubt my favourite Russian photographer in this field. I could go on about the social symbology but will leave that for another time. Regards

Jim Swenson
Igor, another great image.

Al Li
A signature Igor shot, beautiful.

Greg Goldstein
Now, she is officially a nude! I had a feeling there was a naked version :-}. She is as hot all molton metal. Nice.

Bruce Thee
Interesting shot: put some panties on her and it would even be sensual.

Don Farra
you have to ask yourself one question, is this the best I can do? Nudes are quickly becoming null and void, lacking orignality and imagination. Push yourself to break the mold and come up with something original.

Jim McConnell

mehmet kostumoglu you are just a black&white artist . wonderful mehmet

Igor Amelkovich
Reincarnation at metal works # 2 Next step...

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