Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest near Herod Illinois

by Jones Jeffrey

garden of the gods shawnee national forest near he jones jeffrey

Gallery: Scenes in the Shawnee National Forest

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Published: Friday 6th of July 2001 10:12:34 PM


Anton Dan
Overexposed? For a local paper photographer, that's not even satisfactory. As a compensation for your poor performance, you are very opinionated.

Dave Bernetein
I'm surprised by your remark above.Haven't you noticed that those that have the least to say themselves are always the most critical of others? It's a way of expressing one's inadequacies. The picture posted is that of someone who does not understand the most elementary basics of photography.

Marion Geralds
Sorry, but I must agree with the above. This is a pretty insignificant photograph! Is it true that this person critizes others?

gareth harper
Quite dreadful.

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