"Dreaming of Vermeer"

by Tsoi Wilson

dreaming of vermeer seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 19th of October 2004 12:28:07 AM


Aaron Falkenberg
Nice shot. It's good that some of the reflections are visible enough in the water, it balances the composition a bit more. The blur works, in this case.

Tim Nichols

Jim McConnell

Francesco Martini
very nice soft image and dedication at the great painter Vermer!!!!!

Sam Bal
Dream vs reality Is this at Kinderdijk? To my taste the reddish sunset, or sunrise, color is a bit too saturated. Landscapes in Holland usually have matter colors. As a photo it's very beautiful though.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Ada. You're right. Jan Vermeer did not do much landscape at all, other than his "View of Delft" and "A street in Delft." When I was searching for a title, I nevertheless felt that for most audience, the name Vermeer more readily associates this image to your beautiful country, and therefore, named it accordingly. Ada, please let me know when you find out the artist's name, thanks. ^_^

Kim Slonaker
I really enjoy your windmill shots and this one is no exception, Wilson. Nice lighting and colors and I think the PS effects work well.

Marc Aubry
7-7 Very good picture, nice colors, congratulations...

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I can see why the people of the Netherlands have nominated you their national photographer. I think this is one of your best! The gold tones and the reflections are just super. I also like the soft blur, it seems to glow and I love that! Dreaming is right! Beautiful, just beautiful! I'm sorry I missed this in May. I will have to go back soon!

Les Berkley
Nice colors and composition, but the vanes are either blurred too much or not enough. They should IMO be either tack sharp or blurred enough to definitely imply movement.

Howard Dion
For sure Vermer would have liked this image. I find the composition and colors to be rather warming and full of love for life. Well done.

Cristina Fumi
I love the dreamy look!

The sharp upright blades in opposition to the smooth space do it. RE

Chris Damkat
Apart from the yellow glow and the blurryness it's a mediocre shot IMO.

Stephen Forsyth
I like how the reflections of the mills have been reduced to a single line, in direct contrast to the softness of the rest of the image.

Andrea Endisch
I like this windmill-shot of your's best, Wilson because on one hand it's romantic, on the other quite "industrial" if you show how many are there, of course, flawless execution...

Jos Van Poederooyen
Delicate light and soothing tones, wonderful!

Mahmood Hamidi
Very well done.

Allon Kira
Great work, Wilson! the light is outstanding!! Cheers, allon.

Ken Beilman
Wils Lovely. A study in golden tones and softness with very nice composition. I need to add this type of shot to my portfolio.

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, Ilkka, Chips, and Chris, Thanks for your feedback. . . . . .The Technical Details isn't conveniently visible, so here it is again: Canon PowerShot A80, ISO-50, f8, aperture priority, manual WB (very warm bias,) in-camera vivid, and hand-held. Manipulation: Removed a windmill blade, color balance in layers, and selective blur. . . . . . Chris, it was already clear the first time. I guess what I should've asked was, what would you suggest to make this better. Afterall, you recommended in your bio to comment "usefully." ^_^

Ada Ipenburg
Wings of your mills keep going! I've noticed this very nice composition of yours yesterday and if I saw the title you gave it I thougt to myself: No, Wilson, you are dreaming about the wrong painter. This isn't Vermeer. It must be an other Old Master because this is not the style of Vermeer, he wasn't a landscape painter. I was thinking the whole day about it and still I don't know. But I stay thinking and searching and if the right name is coming up to my brains I let you know, Wilson. In the meantime the wings of your mills keep going. Best Regards, Ada.

Umair Ghani
superb shot.

Tony Georgiadis
Well done Wilson.

Henri Manguy
I love the warm tones on this composition.

Gaetan Chevalier
Very nice shot, great perspective. Well done.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yes, very Vermeer! :-) I like the dreamy quality here, Wilson. The colors in the sky & reflections in the water are great ... and the windmills truly make for interesting compositions, don't they?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far... Thank you all so far for your feedback. Appreciate them all. Sam: Although I witnessed some subtle, mellow sunsets there, I also saw some spectacular sunsets in that environ as well. For this shot, I adjusted the camera's white balance on purpose to yield a warm, orange color cast. Chris: Thanks for your input. BTW, is that glass of water half-full, or half-empty for you? ^_^ 3/2 Rater: Would appreciate your comment and/or suggestion. Care to share?

Chris Damkat
Ok I wasn't very clear on that, let's say it's half-full but not as full as it is rated now. It's not so special, it's a shot many people have made before (I suppose, anyone visiting Holland can make this shot), and the yellow cast and blur don't make it so much better IMO, as indicated by the ratings.
But, that's just my opinion.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Beautiful image.!!! Very nice !!

Wilson Tsoi
Oooohhh...a second 3/2 rater, that bad huh? ^_^ Any useful suggestion for improvement?

ilkka räisänen
Yes Wilson, all qualities of this picture are great. You have taken an excelent reflection picture again.

Sam Bal
Thanks Wilson, thanks very much for your explanation!

elaine k
this looks like "kinderdijk" is that where it is ?? I have several shots from there but none as nice as this one ...love the golden colors ..

Anette Tyler
Beautiful work. I love the colours

Wonderful picture!!

Wilson Tsoi
"Dreaming of Vermeer," thoughts? Thanks in advance for taking the time. Appreciate all feedback.

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