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by Peri John

hr nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Monday 18th of October 2004 09:36:28 AM


Al Li
Beautifully done, great technique with her left hand. I can look at your images all day, well, I think I have been looking at your images almost the whole day.

Armindo Lopes
Nice light and tones.

Giorgio Marino
John, i think the reason is the extraordinary sense of intimacy. Very nice

Umair Ghani
u r right marino...intimacy's the reason...superb photo. tones...mood. brilliant. placement of hands in wonderful. there's a rythum in this pic.

Greg Goldstein
I like the photojournalistic, "fly on the wall" style of this. The only problem.. why is her breast covered for a fly? Perhaps she has a cold, is coughing, and thus covers her chest? Just a guess :-) What a spectacular figure! Next time she coughs I volunteer to cover her.

Mark Pidgeley
I agree with you, John, I have taken some amazing shots, only realising the fact after they have been processed.

Yuri Bonder
77 Wonderful

Milos Mashed
Wonderful.... Wonderful....

Hilary Allen
oh man i love this photo. First, the outstanding black & white qualities!! Her hair and hands are magnificant!!

John Peri
Just a passing moment .... .. just one of those captured fleeting moments that one may like for no particular reason ...

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