A visit from my neighbour on the third floor ....

by Peri John

a visit from my neighbour on the third floor nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 16th of October 2004 07:13:04 PM


John Peri
Shhttt ... don't tell anyone I'm here ......

John Peri
... I didn't bring any clothes with me .. !!

Jim McConnell

John Peri
You will have noticed the title of the picture "a visit from my neighbour" ... I can't mention any names but, actually, my true neighbour on the third floor is without doubt one of the best known designer of women's underclothes in the world! She sees me leaving for the office in a suit every morning and has no idea how interested I am in her profession!

Thomas Collins
Hehe.. I understand the facsination with women's lngerie (preferably on women mind you). Thank God for Victoria's Secret!

Detlef Klahm
great series...each one has its own quality, yet all are casual, intimate view of a person who is comfortable with you.

John Peri
Thanks Detlef. I guess it's only purpose was to make some people smile. Some did, some did not, but that is not new!

Alexander Rainchik
I think the same picture would be much better without the shower head... just my 2c

John Peri
Who is that ... ? What's that noise ... who'se there ..?

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