"A Dutch Painting"

by Tsoi Wilson

a dutch painting seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 16th of October 2004 01:53:54 AM


Sam Bal
Yeah, this is how Holland should look like, when you've got an eye for the faint light, the pastel colors, with the rain has just finished. This Dutchman is really proud of you!

Bill Cardwell
Artistic A beautiful image, perfect composition, lovely light. I like the artistic treatment - this is what PhotoShop is made for!

Carsten Ranke
Very creative PS work, I like the effect. Beautiful scenery, a rare example of effective PS filtering ;-) Regards, Carsten

Kim Slonaker
I bet this one would look great framed on a wall! Very nice, Wilson - you have some fantastic windmill shots, including this one. What made you do PS work on this one? (I bet it was very good without the effects, too).

Ray Wei
Very veey nice. I think Lou Ann's house and tree photo could be another candidate for this effect.

George Philot
The Paradise Uahu... Looks like a painting of same place in the paradise. Incredible. Fantastic. Thank you

Aivar Mikko
I think You have chosen a good complect of manipulations. Works for me. I guess that original is also good.

Wilson Tsoi
BTW, would appreciate suggestions from couple raters whom had left 2s originality. Care to share your enlightment?

Angela Su
Lovely ! It's always been a pleasant to see your works, and touched ! Regards!

Nilesh Dhakras
this is a "classic"!

Henri Manguy
Nice composition. About the canvass texture, I personnaly don't like the Photoshop texture because of the repetition of motifs. I prefer use a scan of a large true canvass that I load as texture. The effect is better.

David McCracken
The Thomas Crown Affair Was 'The Thomas Crown Affair' one of your favourtie films? This is good Wilson. Care to share the filters and levels you used to achieve this. PLEASE!

Francesco Martini
very nice and original image!!!!!

Tony Georgiadis
Great effect Wilson.

Alec Ee
Really like a painting Wilson. Love the effect.

Gabriella Lucia
The apex of creativity. This looks like class a print.

Ada Ipenburg
Dear Mister Tsoi, After seeing this beautiful and umptieth really fantastic creation of yours we, people from Holland, have decided unanimous to nominate you to be our national c.q. worldwide mill, landscape and architecture promoter for 2005. We are convinced you will fulfil this honourable new job with the same enthousiasm and pleasure you've brought up in the past. We look forwards to your positive reaction. Many greetings from Holland!

Geo Sun
very beatiful. the effect is a bonus. Geo

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone so far... Casey, Kim: Can't turn down the "wind knob," so I figure to use blur and texture to help make the blurred vegetation more acceptable. Ken: I shot as many as I can with both the A80 and the D70 in that afternoon. Able to squeezed out about 10 images so far. The effect is Filter > Texture > Sandstone. Adjust level to your liking. Ryan: I think I'll post a non-texture version later on then. Sam & Ada: It means a lot coming from Dutch members here. I am honored by your proposal, Ada, but what is a, "national c.q."? David: I haven't seen T.C. Affair yet, but will see to it. Filter is per described above, approximately 2 in depth, light direction is top left. Lou Ann: Only one with this effect so far. Got to try something different every now and then. Jayme: No, not too glowing. I do like how you put it, thank you. Howard, Peter: You're too kind. Thank you all for your feedback, appreciate them all. ^_^

Ada Ipenburg
It's a heavy task for a Dutch farmersdaughter to define in broken English, but as chairman of the Dutch W. Tsoi Fanclub, I meant to say that you will be the promotor of our national Dutch Pride (mills, landscape and so on) and that in case there is something to promote outside our country (and we think it maybe will happens sometimes) we are convinced, you will do that with the same devotion and spirit as you do your Dutch job. I hope I've answered your question to contentment. Best Regards from Holland!

Jos Van Poederooyen
Wowzer Dowzer Wilson, we know you have the talent to find and produce beautiful images, although I believe there is another talent in presentation. Your PS skills are excellent and your eye leads you well through the myriad of choices the program offers. Excellent and pleasing to my Dutch eyes.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Ada, and Ray, Ada, thank you for such a lofty compliment. ^_^ I gladly accept the responsibility with honor, but afraid that it may offend other Dutch nationals whom might already have their favorites on PN (many, many talented members from the Netherlands.) Also, since I don't reside there, the best I can do is to post whatever I have taken when visiting. Anyway, at your service, Ms. Chairman. ^_^

Craig Ferguson
Wow, it looks like a painting.

Casey Lee
niiiice Of course this photo is beautiful and would be perfect without the blurred flowers. Damn wind, huh?;) The texturizing of the photo was a nice addition though, making it almost unoticable. Great Shot, beautiful Colors!

Ken Beilman
Wils LOL, just how many windmill shots do you have? Love the effect you applied to this. Which filter is it? Great feel to it with a nostalgic and dreamy quality.

Ryan Buck
Wow. This is an amazing shot. I'm not big into effects though, I think I would prefer this as a straight photo. That's just my preference though, it has no real bearing on this being a superb piece of work. Good job.

Dennis Jones
Nice work Wilson

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Absolutely stunning. You see so many beautiful sights, I'm extremely jealous! I love the texture, it works well here and adds something a little diferent, creative fun maybe? We all know you can take beautiful photos, and know how to set the camera for right exposure, and use a tripod and be at the right place at the right time, and make a box fly thru the air! LOL. Adds some style and flare to an otherwise beautiful image! LOL. Am I too glowing? LOL. I know, the word I'm looking for......jazzy!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hey, Wilson ... I like this one, and the painterly effect works well here ... but it's not something I want to see on all of your windmill shots (I have really been enjoying the clarity and detail you've had in the other shots). The crop is simply perfect, I love the colors in the sky and the lighting. But I also think that the touch of color with the flowers in the foreground are what really set this one apart from the rest.

Howard Dion
7/7 Dear Master Wilson: Your cretive juices are on a roll. Keep doing what you are doing. I'm introducing a new rating system here on PN. RATING: This image cannot be improved.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... Thank you all for providing valuable feedback. Appreciate them all. Henri, noted your comment with thanks. Yes, I agree about making our own texture. The PS own "canvas" and "burlap" texture are much too "mechanical." The "Sandstone" however is quite subtle without any pattern in it. ^_^

Walter Hinterberger
Exquisite effect, Wilson, great shot to begin with, what can I say...thanks for showing.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Walter. I'm just glad that I don't have to spell "pig" in Dutch (I'm sure you remember Neuschwanstein.) ^_^

Thomas E Loughlin Jr
re: A Dutch Painting Who says drag racing photographers like myself haven't a smidge of taste. I like..no, love this. It is "pax vobiscum" made possible.. My "telling" comments are nothing new..they have already been set down. Keep doing what you are doing. The flowers in foreground ARE the action . the breath of life in wind at which these hint at the proper speed for the area, and the big machine in the background. How wise to capture their motion. Keep it up. Tom Loughlin Jr.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Dutch Memory," a mellow scenery, works? A simple, mellow scenery, does this work for you? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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