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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 15th of October 2004 03:39:36 PM


Thomas Collins
Great pose! John, I for one, love the pose and the accentuation (is there such a word?) of her long legs. Maybe I have a slight foot fetish as well... ;-) Anyway, this is a great image. I would probably have cloned out the circular object underneath her leg as there is plenty of blank floor to work with. Granted, it would take some time and patience, but what else are you doing with your time? ;-) Have a great day!

marco prenninger
well, well, well...what can i say??? this one issimply beautiful, i mean of course it was not set up, so she has that natural relaxed but also dirty- which has nothing to do with relaxing or not relaxing, its maybe her nature....- look which is really awesome, i do like it a lot!!!! the blurr also bothers me a little bit, but what means bothers....i mean like this pic so much that it doesn't make any difference, but i'm just mentoning this that i also have an oppinion about this "blur-topic" in your coments! i am the walrus coo coo coo chu....

Stephan Petersen
Well theres a great pose! Even so you said she was relaxing, it looks better than many "controlled" shots I laid eyes on. I lso like the point of View! 6/6 in my oppinion.

Tom Outler
Focus is perfect in this one, and DOF seems almost too perfect. Is the floor and background above the mid-point line truly beyond the DOF, or is this PS? In any event, great job!!

Jody Frost
Fed up! Oh John, I'm beginning to get 'fed up' with your infuriatingly perfect images! Ok! There, I said it! I'm jealous! Kidding aside, this is grogeous, so natural and easy.. who cares if there's distortion, besides, she has beautiful feet, why not highlight them?

David McCracken
A question! John, I like this very much and I can see why this is one of your favourites. However, I am confused by the item under the left leg. It is as if the focus has disappeared only around that item. I wonder if you see what I mean!

John Peri
.... "with a little help from my friend" .. David, Tom, don't either of you listen to the Beatles!

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
Interesting work!!!

Evgeniy Shaman
like her face and mood, but a lot of blur on background for me...

Bob Kurt
Good job!

Johan HjÀlmgren
Good looking and nice light

Kurt Kramer
While the model is beautiful, with lovely shape and skin and the scene is well-lit....the pose if awful. It emphasizes her feet. Because her feet are so much closer to the camera than her torso, they appear disproportionately large...something no model wants. And this focus is made more emphatic by the bright light shining on her left-foot toes. Those are the brightest skintones in the photo, drawing your eye to them.

Steve Ward

Al Li
Best kinds... She is being herself and that's always a wonderful image. This image so very well composed. Really well done. Alex

Jim Hayes
John As I view this shot, I can't seem to shake the vision of you hanging like a bat from the ceiling. But, trust me, I won't tell anyone that your secret of getting these angles from above, is simply that you are "high" on life. I bet you did some shots on the stairway as well with her. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Howard Dion
One of my favorites.

Kevin Krumwiede
The casual inelegance of this photo is what makes it so beautiful. At the risk of likening your art to pornography, this picture reminds me of the intimate Playboy sets from the 60's and 70's... before they realized they didn't have to put much thought into the photography to sell the magazines.

Denny Lee
absolutely gorgeous.....

robert fgeener

John Peri
Yes indeed, and the toes are a little bright too! But I would have had to hang from the ceiling like a bat in order not to allow her legs to look a little larger. But you are wrong about the model disliking such a picture, this is one of her favourites! Furthermore, I don't think we should underestimate the models in that manner either. Many of them like photography and can very well distinguish between an attempt at art and a glamour photo. Oh, and as I pointed out ... she wasn't posing .. she was having a cigarette!

Tristan Laing
modern life in a paris apartment?

Markus Baue
sweet... i don't like how blurred you made the hat, plant and other things...

Antonym Anonymous
so "John Peri" I saw this picture and I said to myself "this looks like a John Peri". and then i clicked on it... lo and behold! its a true John Peri gorgeous piece of work.

koen de bruyn
Huh ? Consuelo, are you kidding us ? If you have a problem with nudity (by the way, exclusive design by god), don't call it pornography. Btw dont't plan to go to greece or turkey either, they probably have some "pornographic" statues from ancient history too.

Jessica Ulm
Ignore him, Koen. He made a similar comment about to fully furred (leathered? haired? *shrugs*) picture of a cow in my port. He's just a loserboy with too much time on his hands and nobody to love him. John, as always, it's beautiful. At first I am tempted to complain about all of the clutter, but the clutter adds, and I assume that is completely your point. I can't help but imagine your house as a lavishly decorated mansion accessoried with naked women. Just an odd impression.

John Peri
Thanks Jessica. the clutter (mostly antiques!) stays ... my beautiful friends fortunately come and go! Now why don't you come to Paris and have some pictures taken of yourself too ..!

Adrian Maniutiu

Stephen Miller
Very natural and relaxed feeling.

Don Farra
you have to ask yourself one question, is this the best I can do? Nudes are quickly becoming null and void, lacking orignality and imagination. Push yourself to break the mold and come up with something original.

Jim McConnell

Giancarlo Lee ROSELLI
I knew it is you, beautiful prespective of a beautiful model from your eye... Very well done...

Robie Kulokivi
Array of material.... I like this photograph because of the nice out of focus areas, the different material surfaces...but ask your model to quit smoking...unless it is just a safe prop : )

John Peri
Some people drink vodka!

Aguiar Thierry
Great shot! All this mess! And I only see her! A really good picture!

C. Daunis
Such a sexy image, she does well in front of the camera, and your choices in props and lighting are unbeatable.

John Peri
Generally fed up Actually, yet once again ..... this was "relaxation" and cigarette" time in between shots. The look I receive is because this is the moment when I am suppose to be leaving her alone for 5 mins. However, she knows that I do this and we of course laughed about it afterwards .... admittedly, sometimes these are my favourite photos ..

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