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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 15th of October 2004 12:11:08 PM


John Peri




Jim Hayes
John!!!!!!!!!!! Finally we get a shot of the "Famous John Peri Bounced Flash".

Jody Frost
This is yet another lovely shot of one of your lovelies John! But I have to say the second shot with you in the mirror grabs my attention more!

David McCracken
Mirrors are fun!
I was happy with my mirror shot but I have a funny feeling, more people will like this! I wonder why! Personally, I would have liked to have seen the bottom of her left buttock.

Keep up the good work!

John Peri
Thanks Jody. it's the hand that I find cute - did you notice it!

Miguel Salhuana
John, I love the composotion and the doub image.

John Peri
Mirror portrait A classic mirror portrait ...

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